Harrington killer knew area terrain

Police forces are now confident that the person responsible for the death of Morgan Dana Harrington - the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who disappeared Oct. 17 after a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena - was familiar with Anchorage Farms and the surrounding area.

Harrington's remains were found in a remote hayfield at Anchorage Farms Jan. 26. Access to the field was hindered by obstacles that could not have been avoided, according to state police.

"Traveling to the Anchorage Farm location would have created a significant risk for any person not familiar to the area and not comfortable with that kind of setting," State Police Lt. Joe Rader said.

"As a result of the responsible person's past experience with that location or with the general area, the responsible person was inclined to return back to that vicinity during a high-stress situation."\nAny person unfamiliar with Anchorage Farms and the North Garden area would not have been able to navigate through the obstacles between the road and the field, Rader said. Instead of choosing an accessible, convenient location - such as the shoulder of a highway - the culprit chose to navigate through streams, fences, defects and changing terrain to dispose of the body.

Police officials suspect people in the area - without even realizing it - may know the offender.

"It's fair to say that if you're a student, be that [at] U.Va. or any other university for that matter, and you participated in any other activities that involved Anchorage Farms, please call the number that I gave," Rader said, adding that relevant activities may have taken place in years past. Hunting has taken place on the property, Rader said. He did not deny that fraternity parties may have occurred there or that activities may have occurred without the permission of the owners.

People familiar with North Garden or Anchorage Farms are encouraged to call 434-709-1685, Rader said.\n-compiled by Virginia Terwilliger

Published February 8, 2010 in News

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(02/06/10 11:11am)

I am not put blame on the property owner, but yes, i agree someone had to know the lay of land so tospeak. I personally think she raped & murdered where she was found. By someone who had a verygood knowledge of the land. I have prayed since DAY ! forher safe return, now i pray that her killer hangs. Call me sadistic, i i don't, but it's my beleif one who takes a life should sacrifice his own & I think Morgan deserves that. God bless her & her family

(02/15/10 12:52am)

ďItís fair to say that if youíre a student, be that [at] U.Va. or .."

"He did not deny that fraternity parties may have occurred there or.."

No wonder all anyone seems to want to talk about around here is June Bug. They sure as hell don't want to talk about any of this!

(02/22/10 12:18am)

Fraternity parties at Anchorage Farm? Hmm.. \nVirginia, did you ask the police a question regarding this? Did someone else? Or did they choose to "not deny" something that was not asked about in the first place?

Thank you for printing this. It took a long time for anyone at the Cav Daily to print such a thing. I know you have some very powerful people around here looking over your shoulder. That's obvious from how long it took for what little appeared here to be printed.

This SHOULD be the biggest story at UVA right now.

This crime may or may not have anything to do with anyone associated with UVA, but it's easy to notice that the the sighting of someone matching Ms. Harrington's description on the lawn at 3:45 am the night she vanished - as well as the black Pantera T-Shirt found near 15th. and Rugby - have NEVER been reported in this publication.

I think this statement was an attempt by law enforcement to reach out to the UVA community for help in chasing down some really good leads. Will they step up and help, or will the public image of the university remain more important than any missing person's or murder investigation?

Hmm.. Quick! Lets talk about June Bug instead!

(02/22/10 5:02am)

Sean, you are a lot like my "partner" Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island.

(02/22/10 11:56pm)

Chuck, I dunno who or what that is, but neither can change the facts here - or what the police have been saying recently in this murder investigation. I didn't use the terms "U.Va" and "fraternity" with regard to Ms. Harrington's case. \n \nThe police did.

Virginia, will you answer my questions please?

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