General Assembly approves Rotunda funds

The General Assembly voted to provide $2.69 million for the replacement of the Rotunda roof yesterday, The Washington Post reported. The Assembly voted 98-1 in the House of Delegates and 40-1 in the Senate to ratify the budget amendment Gov. Bob McDonnell proposed last week. The state funding will cover more than half of the cost to repair the Rotunda's roof, a $4.69 million project. These repairs are part of the University's comprehensive plan for renovating the Rotunda. The $50.6 million renovation will last five years and is expected to finish in 2016.

In addition to the Rotunda's roof, which is leaking, the University has identified the column capitals as a pressing issue for repair. Other priorities include the brick walls, cornices, portico roofs and the Rotunda elevator. The renovation will occur in two phases, the first for issues threatening the integrity of the building and the second for landscape and program issues and to ensure the building's long-term preservation. Parts of the Rotunda may remain open during the project.

-compiled by Katherine Raichlen

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