Top ten resolutions U.Va. students are already breaking

1. Going to the gym:
Walking into the AFC the first week of school may as well have been a party on Rugby. A week later, the crowd has thinned considerably with the marathon rush season coming to a close. Let’s face it — we all knew it wouldn’t last. Pro tip from someone who considers thinking really hard about going to the gym actual exercise: Leave for class a few minutes late so you’re forced to break a sweat while walking.

2. Eat more dining hall food and stop spending those plus dollars:
First semester, I stumbled upon West Range and never looked back. One satisfied month later, it was October and I was completely out of plus dollars. Nine and a half of my top 10 things I was most excited about for my return to Charlottesville were that I’d get my plus dollars back. Yes, the new Newcomb is cool, but so is In the Nood. And the Pav. And West Range and Greenberry’s and anything not named O-Hill.

3. Get dressed for class:
Sure, it’s easy to rationalize wearing yoga pants, but wearing leggings for the fifth day in a row is not going to impress that cute new guy in your class. Trust me, I know — when 10 a.m. rolls around and it’s negative degrees outside, it’s impossible not to succumb to your comfiest clothes.

4. Do laundry:
Speaking of clothes, the only time I’ve ever broken out the jeans this semester has been when I’ve run out of leggings because I’m too lazy to wash them. Seriously, what is worse then looking for that soft shirt that’s practically socially acceptable and realizing that it’s dirty? Then going for the next best thing, and the next and finally accepting that the only clean shirts left are the ones your mom snuck into your suitcase? Oh yes, there is something worse. It’s having to wear decent clothes to class.

5. Less Rugby, more Clemons:
*Well, let’s be honest, less anything and more Clemons. And by Clemons I mean first floor, not Club Clem. It’s happened to all of us: You walk into your final exam, look at the first problem and have absolutely no idea what it means. I should’ve studied harder, you think. Next semester I’ll work hard and get all A’s. Then it’s next semester and syllabus week — and rush — are in full swing. There’s a party every night. You think, I haven’t gone out on a Wednesday yet, why not? It’s only syllabus week. Newsflash: It’s not syllabus week anymore.

6. Get involved:
It’s about that time of the year when your parents are bugging you to find a job for the summer. Writing a resume is hard, especially when you realize that the only extracurricular activities you have to your name are being a sweetheart at a fraternity and having a Starbucks gold card. Did you know the spring activity fair already happened? Oops …

7. Pay attention in class:
Whether you’re looking to apply to the Comm School, trying to get a job after graduating or just want to keep your GPA high enough to graduate, paying attention in class is imperative. Still, as your professor rambles on about a topic pertaining to practically nothing, it’s hard not to answer that group text or scroll through your Newsfeed. And, even if you can resist your own temptation, what happens when the girl in front of you succumbs to Pinterest?

8. Keep clean:
After the massive cleanup you had to do before leaving for winter break, you promised yourself that next year you’d be better. No more trash piling up by the door or clothes strewn everywhere. No more dirty dishes or discarded Starbucks cups on your desk. Then comes the first night out back at school. Clothes are everywhere, drinks are everywhere and the last thing on your mind is cleaning it up. So, your bed returns to its real job — as a closet — and you convince yourself that the fratty plastic cup by your bed looks great as decoration. Maybe next year.

9. Keep in touch with your family:
I’ve been hard-pressed to find someone whose mom didn’t make her promise to call more often this spring. I’ve personally promised to call once a week, but, what with rush and classes, I can count the past three weeks as a triumphant failure. With the lack of calls, texts start flowing in: most recently, “How are uuuuuuuuu?” (I’m doing well Mom, tired but hanging in there. I’ll call soon, I promise!)

10. Stop spending money:
For me, this is the hardest resolution to maintain. The plus side to already having broken it: It gives you a reason to keep in touch with your family — angry phone calls are better than nothing, right? Sadly, I’m absolutely no stranger to the temptation that is the Corner, be it Bodo’s and Starbucks on a Sunday morning or Take-It-Away seven days a week. From the looks of it, rush therapy is largely turning into retail therapy, because wallets are looking suspiciously light. On the upside, we hear red is in this year — even on your bank statements. So whip out the plastic, wahoos, because if you’re going to break your resolutions, break them in style.

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