Board of Visitors names new Alderman residences


The new dorms in the Alderman Road Residence Area will be named the Lile-Maupin House and the Tuttle-Dunnington House, the Board of Visitors’ Buildings and Grounds Committee decided Wednesday afternoon.

The Lile-Maupin House and the Tuttle-Dunnington House both combine the names of dorms that either have been or will be demolished in an effort to preserve the memories of their respective namesakes.

A third residence hall will be named the Shannon House in honor of the fourth president of the University, Edgar Shannon. The motion naming these buildings passed unanimously.

The Committee also passed updated plans for the health system’s Education Resource Center, a current project proposal which Colette Sheehy, vice president for management and budget, said aims to provide a space for graduate medical studies and patient education.

In addition, the health system also plans to relocate the outpatient pharmacy to the area surrounding the Emily Couric Cancer Center to make it more easily accessible. The new location would also provide outpatient imaging services.

“This is a domino that needs to happen in order to begin planning for the renovation of the emergency department,” Sheehy said.

That new emergency department would be around 30-35,000 square feet in size and is estimated to cost $25 million. The University plans to finance the costs with proceeds from Medical Center operating revenue.

University President Teresa Sullivan spoke on her desire to finish the Rotunda renovations promptly and to bring back the tradition of the formal first-year dinner series. In the past, these dinners have been held in the dome room of the Rotunda. Chief Facilities Officer Donald Sundren said that the roof replacement was on schedule to be completed by next summer.

Published February 21, 2013 in Grounds, FP test, News

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