U.Va. Medical Center implements new software

University uses Infor Onboarding to automate, organize hiring process, reduce administrative costs


The University Medical Center recently announced the successful implementation of its new hiring software, Infor Onboarding, which automates and organizes the hiring process in an effort to help the Center reduce administrative costs.

Infor’s Onboarding software “orchestrates all steps in the employee new hire process for employees, hiring managers and line managers as well as provisioning hiring departments, finance and HR,” according to the website.

The center believes this software will make their hiring processes more efficient while simultaneously reducing costs.

“Previously HR pre-employment sessions took more than two hours, four HR Assistants were needed to support the pre-employment process, and we had a lengthy paper-driven process,” said Shelley Tattersall, eLearning consultant from the University’s Medical Center, in Infor’s press release published in the Wall Street Journal.

Since the implementation of this software, the Center has reduced pre-employment sessions to less than 15 minutes, staff needs by 50 percent and its paper trail for hiring by 85 percent, while also putting employees to work sooner, gaining valuable hours of productivity, according to the press release.

“Our goal was to improve the quality and consistency of information provided to new hires and also revamp our processes,” Tattersall said. “We are now able to pull any information needed from the new employee’s application and pre-populate all the documents that need to be completed.”

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