Ask Edgar: How to pass your classes and lose your streaking virginity

*Hey Ed,
Is syllabus week really the prime time to get out and party, or should I be starting my reading from the get-go? How serious is the first half of the semester? I don’t want my first year to be my last one…
Confused in Cauthen*

Dear Confused in Cauthen,

This week is an exciting time for new first years. With so much going on during these first few days, it can be difficult to find time to lose your streaking virginity and stay on top of your coursework. Truthfully, this question is class-dependent. Part of transitioning to college is figuring out which classes can sustain a little procrastination without threatening your GPA. While you probably don’t want to blow off your bio lab report for the Corner, it’s unlikely that your Spirituality grade will be in jeopardy if you put your reading off until next week. All in all, with experience you will strike the perfect balance between Club Clem and the frat house dance floor.

Welcome home,

I’m not sure if I’m entirely comfortable with my schedule for this semester. I’ve heard the politics class I’m enrolled in is a ton of work, and the professor can be quite tough. Should I listen to what I’ve heard? What should be my plan of action to evaluate the course during add/drop?
Block Party is Over and Now I’m Stressed*

Dear Block Party is Over,

While listening to course gossip can certainly indicate which classes to be wary of, it shouldn’t be your sole determinant in deciding whether or not to stay in a class. Go to a couple lectures, take a look at the syllabus and talk to the professor if you have any lingering questions. Keep in mind there is a difference between a difficult but rewarding class and one that is challenging but will also have very little value to you. Generally, don’t drop a class just because it may force you to give a couple of Thursday nights to the library, especially if you will come out of it feeling like you actually learned something. Unless you can figure out how to major in the culture of Rugby Road, you will have to take some difficult classes during your time at U.Va.

Keep Calm and Study On,

*Dear E,
During second year, my living situation was a little…problematic, even though we all started out as friends. Any advice for how to start the year off right and avoid issues down the road?
Room to Grow?*

Dear Room to Grow,

Living with your friends can be the greatest thing in the world — and also one of the worst. Sometimes living habits just don’t coincide, and it’s amazing how one wayward dish can unravel years of friendship. Organizing a schedule for chores upfront can go a long way towards maintaining a healthy apartment. A sign on the refrigerator may seem silly, but at least you all know what you are agreeing to from the start.

Also, while arguing over who ate the last cookie might seem life-changing in the moment, remember to keep your priorities in perspective. Sometimes, you just need to keep quiet and take out the garbage for the third time in a row in order to preserve the friendship. Don’t stress out over the little things and enjoy the fact that the party never has to end when you all live together.

Make it last forever — friendship never ends,

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