Romance, as told by your meal plan

First years look to find love in a hopeless place


Year: First
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Commack, N.Y.
Ideal date: Not too skinny (some curves), outgoing, able to take a joke, likes sports and can talk intellectually
What makes you a good catch? I’m attractive, smart, witty and always willing to have a good time.
What’s your favorite pick-up line? I think they’re all cheesy.
Describe yourself in one sentence: My deprecating humor has the tendency to push away people who aren’t sure of themselves, but if you understand I’m kidding, you’ll know how much I care for you.

Year: First
Major: Undecided, Pre-Commerce
Hometown: Charlottesville, Va.
Ideal date: Athletic, dark hair, taller than me, funny, competitive and quirky.
What makes you a good catch? I’m funny, bilingual, well-traveled and I don’t take life too seriously.
What’s your favorite pick-up line? “Do you have a band-aid? I just scraped my knee falling for you.”
Describe yourself in one sentence: Loud, sarcastic, sports-loving Charlottesvillian who’s looking for some fun!

Gary and Hanna met at 6:30 p.m. at O’Hill on Sunday

Hanna: I filled out the survey because I think it’s fun to meet new people. I was looking for an adventure.

Gary: I was reading the Cav Daily online and saw a previous article for Love Connection. I had time to kill at Wilsdorf so I took 20 minutes and filled out the survey.

Hanna: I was surprised and excited when I found out I had been chosen. I told like everyone I knew.

Gary: We met in the O’Hill lobby. I was disheveled from my eight-hour train ride back to Charlottesville, but I noticed her white jacket against the dark outside. The white was like a beacon as I stood inside and waited.

Hanna: When I walked in, we both knew that it was each other. We shook hands and said hi.

Gary: She struck me as a nice girl. She definitely seemed smart and witty, which I like.

Hanna: I thought that he was cute and seemed friendly. We were in O’Hill, so we decided that we might as well go upstairs. I didn’t want to walk all the way to the Corner, and he was hungry.

Gary: During dinner, the conversation was easy. It was pretty even – 50/50 – between the two of us. It was mostly quick conversation back and forth with very few moments of silence.

Hanna: We talked about everything. The Alabama-Auburn game was a hot topic, but we also talked about our family, backgrounds, hobbies and interests and what we want to do when we grow up.

Gary: She explained her job at a French restaurant, and I’m a big foodie so hearing her talk about that was really interesting.

Hanna: We found out that we have several friends in common. Two of his friends went to my high school, and he’s in the same dorm as one of my friends on the hockey team.

Gary: She’s big into languages, which I wish I [were too]. I picked her brain for a while about that. We even tried to describe the napkin box in our respective languages, although she was better at French than I was at Spanish.

Hanna: The conversation flowed well. I definitely talked a lot, but he contributed a lot as well. We were there for almost two hours and talked about a lot of different things. At one point, my friends came in and sat diagonally behind him and made eye contact with me the whole time.

Gary: I wasn’t sure if there was any flirting going on. To be perfectly frank, I’ve never been really good at that. I usually go with what’s more natural in the situation.

Hanna: Because we were in O’Hill, it didn’t feel very intimate. We both saw our friends, and the big TV screen was pretty distracting. After dinner, we walked out and said goodbye at the bottom.

Gary: She had to run to Alderman for some project so I asked for her number outside of O’Hill and then we split up.

Hanna: I would rate the date a 7.5. He didn’t buy me dinner, and we didn’t go for a stroll, but we got along well.

Gary: I would give the date a 7. It was good conversation, and I enjoyed talking to her, but the food was not good. I haven’t been able to text her yet, but I think I will. If we go on a second date, hopefully we could go somewhere a little more upscale than O’Hill.

Published December 5, 2013 in Life

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