The Cavalier Daily elects 125th staff

Lim, Elliott, Provenzano, Simonsen, Ripley to serve on managing board


The Cavalier Daily elected its 125th staff Saturday, after more than seven hours of speeches, questions and endorsements. Third-year College student Rebecca Lim, a Production editor for the past two terms, was elected editor-in-chief. Lim outlined plans in her speech to improve outreach and collaboration between different sections of the newspaper.

“I think the past two terms we’ve seen a lot of changes, so in this coming term we’ll focus on building foundations,” Lim said. She emphasized in her speech the importance of continued online development and strengthening the newly-created sections of the paper. Lim also spoke to increasing community outreach and encouraging alternative funding sources, emphasizing her work on The Cavalier Daily’s ongoing crowd-funded distribution box campaign.

Lim opposed third-year College student Andrew Elliott in the race. Elliott served on the 124th staff as an assistant managing editor. Building off his three years on the paper’s literary staff, Elliott focused his speech on improving staff training and using best practices from other college media outlets.

Staffers elected Elliott as managing editor, making him responsible for the non-opinion literary content of the paper.

“I want to continue our feature-length, investigative reports and explore new opportunities for collaboration both inside and outside the paper,” he said.

First-year College student Lianne Provenzano was elected operations manager, responsible for content delivery, website and office operations. She is the youngest member of the managing board.

“I think it’s going to be difficult,” Provenzano said. “I’m going to have to live up to high standards.”

Third-year College student Katherine Ripley, who has served as Opinion editor for the previous two years, was selected the next executive editor, responsible for overseeing the Opinion section and writing the newspaper’s daily lead editorial.

“First of all, I’m looking forward to being the voice of the paper, because I think that is the primary role of the executive editor,” Ripley said. “And secondly, but equally importantly, I’m looking forward to working with the Opinion editors to improve the content of the Opinion section and also working with the other [managing board] members to improve the paper as a whole.”

Third-year Engineering student Peter Simonsen, a former Graphics editor and Online editor, fills the fifth Managing Board slot as the new chief financial officer. Simonsen manages banking and financial matters for the paper, and oversees the work of The Cavalier Daily’s full-time, professional advertising manager. Simonsen stepped into his role earlier in January when third-year Commerce student Kiki Bandlow, the previous chief financial officer, left the country to complete a study abroad program.

“[I am] excited at the possibility of our professionalized manager bringing in new sources of revenue and for expanding our presence around Grounds,” Simonsen said.

Kelly Kaler and Julia Horowitz, third and second-year College students, respectively, were elected as assistant managing editors for the coming term. Kaler was previously a News editor and Horowitz served as Life editor last year.

Taking the reins as News editors are third-year College students Joseph Liss and Matthew Comey. Liss served last term as a senior associate editor for News and Comey served as an assistant managing editor.

Ashley Spinks and Russell Bogue, both second-years in the College, were elected as Opinion editors.

First-year College student Julia Skorcz and second-year College student James Cassar will step in as Arts and Entertainment editors.

First-years College students Allie Jensen and Victoria Moran will come in as the new Life editors.

Third-year Commerce student Zack Bartee and third-year College student Peter Nance will serve as this term’s Sport editors.

First-year College student Meg Thornberry will step in as Health and Science editor, and the position of Focus editor will be filled by first-year College student Michael Drash.

Third-year College students Sylvia Oe and Mary Beth Desrosiers will stay on as Production editors, joined by second-year College student Sloan Christopher.

Third-year Engineering student Sally Aul will step in as Online Editor, former photo editor and third-year College student Jenna Truong will take control as Social Media editor and third-year Engineering student Emilio Esteban will join returning third-year College student Stephen Rowe as Graphics editor.

The staff elected second-year College student Kelsey Grant and second-year Engineering student Marshall Bronfin as photo editors and elected second-year College student Drew Precious as Video editor.

The outgoing managing board appointed second-year College student Claire Fenichel as business manager.

Published January 26, 2014 in FP test, News

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