Love Connection: Cam and Julie

Recently single third-year encounters “mature” Med. student


Year: Third
School: College
Major: Biology/Foreign Affairs
U.Va. involvement: Young Women Leaders Program, Madison House Tutoring, VSA
Hometown: Falls Church, Va.
Ideal date (physical): Taller than me, athletic, looks good in a suit
Ideal date (personality): Witty, goofy, and compassionate
Deal breakers? Liars and cheaters, smokers
Describe a typical weekend: Study day in Clark, weekly Thai food dinner, then out with my gals
Hobbies: Volleyball, reading, cuddling
What makes you a good catch? My dimples and my silliness and my bubble butt.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


Year: Second … actually sixth (back for Grad. school)
School: Medicine
Major: Human Biology (CLAS ‘11)
U.Va. involvement: Med School Student Council
Hometown: Waverly, Va.
Ideal date (physical): Athletic build, blonde or brunette
Ideal date (personality): Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers.
Deal breakers? Well I’m currently growing a mustache for November, so I don’t have much room to talk here. But anyone younger than my sister would be a little weird. And for some reason bad handwriting has always been a turnoff for me.
Describe a typical weekend: Drinks with friends, sleep in, some studying, something active.
What makes you a good catch? Your grandmother would love me.
What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I probably work too much.
What is your spirit animal? This is a stupid question.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m wittier than I am handsome, so I try to avoid loud clubs.

Julie and Cam met at the Rotunda at 7 p.m. Friday. They went to Basil on the Corner.

Julie: I had recently broken up with my ex; it was a really bad breakup so the next day my roommates thought I should sign up for Love Connection.

Cam: [I signed up because] I lost a bet with my roommate.

Julie: I was excited. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date. My roommates were jealous because they didn’t get picked.

Cam: Never been on a blind date. I went in with zero expectations. [My reaction to being chosen was] “Well, here we are.”

Julie: I was walking down the Lawn rooms and there was only one person sitting on the steps of the Rotunda, and it just happened to be my date. I was surprised because I thought it would be hard to identify him. We shook hands and he said he liked my gloves.

Cam: The first girl who walked by was carrying about 4 textbooks; she was disheveled and plainly unattractive. I got nervous thinking she was the one. Fortunately Julie walked up shortly after.

Julie: I thought he had a very nice smile, and he seemed like he had a very mature way about him. He’s really cute. I’d recommend him to girls. He’s a lot cuter than my ex. My ex was a jerk.

Cam: [I thought she was] friendly, nice, and pretty.

Julie: We walked down the Corner a bit and talked about places we have been to and haven’t been to. We settled on Basil.

Cam: I initially thought she was a bit reserved, but pretty soon we struck a balance. I think we hit all the mandatory conversation topics for a blind date: school, background, travel, music, movies, etc.

Julie: [We talked about] getting to know you stuff… about school, about how swimming is an essential life skill (we both know how to swim), we talked about sports, [and] different activities.

Cam: We both love avocados and we both have a crush on Joe Harris. We also swapped stories about travelling around Europe.

Julie: It was very good. He is a very good conversationalist; he kept the conversation going and it wasn’t awkward or anything.

Cam: There was not nearly as much flirting as there was between Teresa Sullivan and me at Coupes the other weekend.

Julie: He’s more mature than a lot of the guys I’ve seen. He’s such a cool person, but he’s probably not super-duper into me. He’s just a really cool person. I feel like any girl would be lucky to date him, and I’m probably not his type.

Cam: [We will] probably not [have a second date] — too much of an age difference.

Julie: It would be really cool to be friends with him; I don’t know if he’d want to be friends with me.

Cam: She gave me her number. I gave her a hug, and we went our separate ways. I have the board exam in two weeks so I went back to study (sweet Friday night, I know).

Julie: We parted, I gave him my number. He said he’d call to give me his number, and I swear I saw him press call but I guess it didn’t go through.

Cam: [It was a] 7.

Julie: It was a fun date for just dinner. I give it an 8.5.

Published January 20, 2014 in Life

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