Love Connection: Steve and Sarah

A little age difference and a lot of connection



Year: Fourth
Major: Latin American Studies and Elementary Education
U.Va. Involvement: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Latino Student Alliance Community Outreach
Hometown: McLean, Va.
What makes you a good catch? I’m the most genuine and easygoing person you’ll ever meet, and I can whip up some tasty and unique snacks.
_Spirit Animal:_A black bear because they spend all of their time sleeping, eating, and snuggling
What’s your favorite pick-up line? You smell like trash. Can I take you out?


Year: Second Year (Law School)
U.Va. Involvement: The Justice Jackson 5 (and The Zones of Twilight) – a cover band – and the Libel Show
Hometown: McLean, Va.
What makes you a good catch? I can wiggle my ears better than anyone I’ve ever seen, and I can do a kick-a** handstand.
Spirit animal: A German shepherd
What’s your favorite pick-up line? Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?

Steve and Sarah met at 7:30 p.m. at Mellow Mushroom.

Steve: I applied because when you look like me you have to rely on blind dates mainly… but I read the Cav Daily and the column regularly and a couple of us in the Law School thought it would be funny if a girl law student got matched with an undergrad guy. We couldn’t convince anyone to do it, so I volunteered instead.

Sarah: I was actually in the shower and my roommates managed to take my computer and submit the survey before I got out of the shower. After they told me, I thought it would be a fun experience and wanted to see what they had said about me.

Steve: I was pretty excited when I found out I had been chosen. My friends were interested in the comedic value and told me that I should play some super eccentric character or try to be the stereotypical pretentious law student.

Sarah: I had never been on a blind date before. I had pretty low expectations because I thought if my survey was really weird, I would probably get paired with someone weird too. I was excited to see what would happen though.

Steve: I got there about five minutes early, but I had made a sign that said “Sarah?” because I didn’t know who else would be there. She got there on time, and I introduced myself. I wanted to make a joke about being her chauffeur, but I couldn’t go through with it.

Sarah: My first impression was really good. He was tall, attractive and well dressed. I thought the sign was really sweet.

Steve: On the totally superficial level, I was pretty happy. She was athletic and cute. I kind of hoped I would be matched with a first year undergrad though, so there would be a solid ten-year age difference.

Sarah: He picked Mellow, which was great because I was not about to do the “let’s walk around until we find somewhere” thing in the cold. I definitely approved of his decisiveness.

Steve: We ended up staying at Mellow for about three and a half hours and the time flew by. We made small talk for a bit, and I told stories about people I went to college with. She’s in elementary education, so she told me about the schools she has taught at.

Sarah: We fell into good conversation pretty quickly. We’re from the same hometown and both like traveling. It was fascinating to talk to him, although at one point he was talking about tax law and all of these impressive things, and I was talking about how I learned to speak Elvish.

Steve: There were a lot of similar connections. We have pretty similar movie tastes and her brother works for a lacrosse store owned by a guy that coached my brother in lacrosse. Occasionally, she would ask me a question when I was chewing but other than that the conversation was easy.

Sarah: We talked a lot about traveling in Europe. I really want to go on a cross-country road trip this summer, and he gave me a lot of good suggestions and told this epic story about his road trip through the Southern states.

Steve: I was certainly trying to flirt during dinner. She was going to a friend’s birthday party after dinner, so I walked her there and we traded numbers. I let her take the leftover pizza, and she kept the sign I made as a memento, which I think was a good sign.

Sarah: I was really impressed. He was definitely a gentleman. He paid for dinner and walked me to my friend’s party, which was out of his way and really nice of him. I would give the date a solid 8— it was a really fun blind date and I enjoyed getting to know him. He has a great personality.

Steve: It was as good as I could expect it to go. I would give it an 8.5. I’m excited about the date and hope to see her again.

Sarah: Afterwards he emailed me a link about a documentary I should see and a mash-up version of a song his band has played. I’m definitely planning on seeing his band play sometime soon.

Published January 26, 2014 in Life

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