Love Connection: Joe and Jessica

Different strokes for different folks


Joe and Jessica took on the Downtown Mall for restaurant week and found they have little in common.

The Cavalier Daily

Year: Third
School: College
Major: Neuroscience
U.Va. Involvement: Undergraduate Researcher, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee player, Madison House Volunteer, NuRhoPsi
Hometown: Springfield, Va.
Ideal date (physical attributes): Joe Harris or Justin Timberlake are both good references.
_Ideal date (personality):_Great sense of humor, witty, curious, athletic, ambitious but not uptight, caring, conversationalist, reliable.
Describe a typical weekend: Probably attending some sporting event, eating unhealthy food, studying not quite hard enough, and chilling with friends.
What makes you a good catch? I care a lot about people and would try very hard to see them happy. I’m part of the 50 percent of girls that know at least something about sports. I won “Best to Take Home to Parents” in high school.
_What’s your favorite pick-up line?_“I bet you $20 you won’t go on a date with me.”
Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m looking for adventure and maybe someone to share it with.

Year: Fourth
Major: Foreign Affairs
U.Va. Involvement: StudCo Building and Grounds Committee, U.Va. International Relations Organization
Hometown: Charlottesville, Va.
Ideal date (physical attributes): Brunette stunner who is tall (so she can get on my level).
Ideal date (personality): Cocky and funny with a dash of boldness.
Ideal date (activity): In an ideal world, we’d scale the tower crane on West Main and watch the sun set over the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I’d settle for an overpriced meal on the Downtown Mall.
Hobbies: Racking up exorbitant hotel bills in Europe, growing prize-winning vegetables, becoming a mixologist and ringing the steeple bell at church.
What makes you a good catch? I’m Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark and James Bond all in one; essentially confidence with a side of textbook narcissism.
What’s your favorite pick-up line? Hey girl, you might be an A student, but I’m going to give you your first D.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m an honorary frat star, aspiring philanthropist, and urban renaissance man with a southern accent.

Joe and Jessica met at the Rotunda on Thursday at 7 p.m. and went to Sal’s Cafe Italia on the Downtown Mall.

Jessica: I’m recently single and I thought [Love Connection] would be fun to try.

Joe: I’m a fourth-year with nothing to lose. I got there 10 minutes early, stood out in the cold and saw the first-years getting ready for rush. I waited about 10 minutes; she showed up at 7 p.m.

Jessica: I have never been on a blind date before. I was expecting that the boys that sign up for this are either really outgoing or they have trouble finding a date. I was expecting the latter, so I didn’t expect very much.

*Editor’s note: We asked Jessica which category Joe fell into and she replied “No comment.”

Joe: She was really cute. I was really surprised how great she looked. Her outfit — green top, nice dark blue jeans — was a great ensemble.

Jessica: I think in the first three seconds you can decide if there’s going to be a connection or not, and in those first three seconds, I decided no.

Joe: We ended up deciding to go to the Downtown Mall for restaurant week. We went to Sal’s Cafe Italia.

Jessica: He brought his car, which is nice, because I like that he had a date planned.

Joe: The conversation just flowed from the beginning. I was surprised; it got pretty deep pretty fast. Jessica is passionate about a lot of things, and that made the conversation really great. She’s really smart; I guess it’s true what they say, smart is sexy.

Jessica: It flowed well. I think we were talking the whole time. There was flirting, even though I didn’t feel a connection, because I wanted to make sure I got a good review at the end.

Joe: We actually didn’t have a lot in common. We both did varsity swimming in high school, but we complemented each other very well. We liked different things and it was exciting learning new stuff.

Jessica: We did not have the same major. He has not taken a math class at U.Va., which was surprising because I [have taken] a lot of math classes at U.Va. We both swam in high school, but he did different strokes than me so we didn’t even have that.

Joe: I was certainly getting my flirt on; I’m not sure about her. From the start we walked arm-in-arm. After dinner, we walked arm-in-arm down the Mall for a short walk.

Jessica: He made me link my arm and that made me uncomfortable, because I don’t like being touched, especially by someone I don’t really know.

Joe: We both like Coldplay and couldn’t remember the name of a particular song, so we took a bet and whoever got the name of the song wrong had to buy the other person a drink in the future. I got the song wrong, so I owe her one drink and hopefully she collects.

Jessica: I could not see myself going out with him again. I can’t see myself accepting the drink I won through the bet.

Joe: I dropped her off at her place [after the date]. She gave me her number and that was it. We hugged it out.

Jessica: I’ll rate the date a 5.5.

Joe: I would rate the date an 8.5. The conversation was great, but I couldn’t tell if she was flirting or not. It was still a really great dinner and the time flew by really fast.

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