Student Council talks finance, football student section

McDaniel says non-Student Activity Fee money running low


Student Council (executive members shown above) met Tuesday night to discuss possible upcoming financial constraints.

Dillon Harding | The Cavalier Daily

Student Council met Tuesday night to discuss various funding constraints, as well as plans to move the student section at football games.

Council’s funding comes from Student Activity Fees paid by each student and non-SAF money raised by Council itself.

Council President Eric McDaniel, a fourth-year College student, said Council’s current lack of non-SAF funding can be attributed to an especially active Council agenda this year.

“We have some extra SAF left over in our budget, but we have very little non-SAF left because we’ve been putting on so many events, which is great, but it also puts us in a little bit of a crunch,” McDaniel said. “Generally we have this massive fall off of events after November or after Thanksgiving Break, but we haven’t done that this year. There’s still a huge amount of events coming up in February and in March.”

In the past, Council has over-budgeted for events by 20 percent with the expectation that four out of five planned events will actually be carried out.

“Essentially, we’re trying to transition out of an old budget model to fit a new Council,” McDaniel said. “So money’s going to be tight, we’re going to have to scale back a bit. We do understand that this is a rough time for this to be happening. We’re one of the most active Councils ever.”

The Executive Committee discussed additional fundraising efforts for future events in order to avoid further cancellation of future events.

Council members announced they plan to meet with representatives from the Athletic Department Friday to potentially change the student seating section for football games next year.

“They’re thinking about changing the student section for football games to the area more towards the opposite end zone,” said Vice President for Administration Annie Ungrady, an Arts & Sciences graduate student.

Instead of next to the hill, the student and band area would be located in the sections above the opposing team’s tunnel. This section would have 500 fewer seats than the section currently holds. The hope is this change would revitalize the student section, encourage more students to attend the games and project more energy throughout the entire stadium. Many members seemed opposed to the change.

Representative Body Chair Michael Promisel, a fourth-year College student, also announced that new printers would be available for South Lawn in the coming weeks, by April 1 at the latest.

Note: Any discussions relating to student seating at football games are entirely tentative, and no changes will occur until after the 2014-2015 football season.

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