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The Sports section has done a good job live tweeting the University’s sporting events

The Cavalier Daily Sports staff has been absolutely killing it on Twitter for the men’s basketball team post-season games. If you’re not following @CavDailySports, that’s something you should fix, at least while the game is happening. The live tweeting is a great mix of play-by-play with just enough commentary that one can really get a feel for the game. Whoever is writing the tweets also does a good job of showing some respect for our opponent — even if it’s Duke — which I appreciate because there’s no need to be snarky all the time, and ultimately, it’s a bunch of college-aged people doing their best. The bottom line on the live tweeting of the games from The Cavalier Daily crew is that it’s worth reading, even if you’re watching, and if you’re not able to watch but want to follow the game, I don’t think you can do better than keeping up with the feed. I’d love to see more events live tweeted where it’s possible.

Likewise, the photographers for the Sports section have put together some terrific galleries of other events. The Virginia Cup, the opening event for the University track and field team, and the men’s lacrosse game versus John’s Hopkins University are both nicely documented. The multimedia section of the website continues to improve and offer good content.

Last point on the Sports section: keep your eye out at the end of the week for the Weekend Previews. They cover what appear to be all of the upcoming University sporting events for the weekend with excellent capsule-style summaries of what’s going on with each team and where you can find the events to watch or listen to if possible. There are some talented athletes at the University, and they’re competing at the highest levels in their sports. The coverage keeps up with them, as it should.

In other sections, the staff of the paper is also doing good work. The Health and Science articles are consistently interesting and well written. The pieces that are published are varied and almost always have a good, local connection. There have been five articles published this month (though three on the same day and a total of four in the first few days, with only one in the three weeks or so since) that covered University-based research or work being done by local groups around medicine and science. The Q&A with a medical student was interesting and made a good idea for a piece. I’d be interested to read conversations with students of all of the various schools around Grounds. I, personally, don’t have much of a sense of what a day as a Batten School student might look like, for instance.

Finally, for this week, I turn to the Arts and Entertainment section. Where you really want to spend some time is their blog on tumblr. Links to tracks on Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube and brief reviews, descriptions or stories make for an entertaining and informative quick read or listen. Beyond that, the movie, television and arts reviews tend to be solid and often funny to read. I would like to see a revival of The Local section (or at least an update of the webpage if there is content we just can’t see on that page right now) but otherwise, it’s another good section of the paper.

Chris Broom is the Public Editor for The Cavalier Daily. He can be reached at or on Twitter at @cd_publiceditor.

Published March 24, 2014 in Opinion

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