Fool me once...

A&E shines the spotlight on this year’s biggest April fools

A lot is going on in the entertainment industry at the moment. Rising stars are emerging at every turn, major motion picture studios are gearing up for summer blockbuster season and Kesha is finally out of rehab, having shed her quintessential $. But if we take a closer look, I’m sure we’ll find many of our beloved celebrities are not doing so well.

Let’s see who has made the celebrity April Fools list. Hollywood is essentially a breeding ground for foolish career choices and offensive quips by television’s favorite celebrities. This month, get a laugh out of the good, the bad and the foolish.

1. Lady Gaga

Recently, at the SXSW music festival, this famously ornate performer gave a riveting, truly inspired performance. During one of her more intense numbers — “Swine,” from her latest album “ARTPOP” — Gaga got some help from vomit painter, Millie Brown. Yes, Brown actually vomited paint all over the Mother Monster as the two gyrated about on a huge mechanical bull. Knowing many of Lady Gaga’s fans are sensitive tweens and young people who may struggle with eating disorders, I find it hard to believe she would design a performance essentially glorifying purging. I’ll hold my “Applause,” Gaga.

2. Lindsay Lohan

She really tried to make her comeback this year. Really. Lohan is no longer in rehab, and there’s been some buzz about her reconstructing her acting career. Good for her — I’m so pleased she appears to be healthy. However, what I don’t like is she keeps pulling odd publicity stunts to stay relevant. She recently opened up about her alleged “Celebrity Sex List,” which sounds somehow less ridiculous than it actually is. It sounds like something which shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation — but of course, it is. I cringe in anticipation of what else she comes up with to wow us.

3. Stephen Colbert

Colbert made headlines recently for a tweet — taken out of context from a bit in response to Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s recent establishment of the Original Americans Foundation — which read, “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.” In context, Colbert’s satire makes sense, but on Twitter, it did not. People were outraged by the unclear — and thus, offensive — statement, causing a social media firestorm. I’m sure Colbert and his team are reeling over the stupidity of their mistake. Hopefully they’ll think before he tweets next time.

4. Judge Joe Brown

The Honorable Judge Brown was jailed last week for contempt of court at a child support hearing. Brown lost his cool in the courtroom, and began ranting and raving at the judge — an audio clip of which has gone viral. He was in contempt several times before he ended up leaving the courtroom on his own accord. This little episode was a sad day for those daytime television watchers who idolize Judge Joe Brown. Maybe he’s still bitter because show was canceled last year.

5. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is not a smart man — in fact, he may just be the farthest thing from it. Cannon recently received media attention after painting himself with “whiteface” to promote his new album “White People Party Music.” This kind of stunt was incredibly insensitive — and unsurprisingly, received an excess of negative backlash on the Internet. Why on earth did he do something so incredibly insensitive and controversial to promote an album which will probably flop, anyway? Let’s hope this scandal fades quickly into obscurity — just like Mr. Cannon’s career.

Published April 1, 2014 in Arts and Entertainment, tableau

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