First years, first dates and some Mellow pizza

First-year twins make new friends on their blind date


Jackson enjoyed the easy conversation of the date and felt there was flirting going on with both girls.

Photo provided by Jackson

Year: First
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Hobbies: Running, camping
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? No
What makes you a good catch? I finished seventh in that national championships for rowing.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I am a nice, caring guy who focuses on academics but also likes to have a good time on weekends.

Year: First
Major: Public Policy
U.Va. Involvement: Navy ROTC, climbing team, sailing club
Hobbies: Climbing, sailing, shooting
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? No
What makes you a good catch: I’m tall, so I have that going for me.
Describe yourself in one sentence: Pretty chill and pretty tall.

Year: First
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Reston
U.Va. Involvement: I’m just trying to live through the week
Hobbies: Reading, singing, HBOgo
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? No(t yet)
Describe yourself in one sentence: For someone who can’t stand herself, I sure do love myself.

Year: First
Major: Very undecided
Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts
U.Va. Involvement: Shakespeare on the Lawn, hopefully one or more club sports (horseback riding, archery, ballroom dancing are all possibilities), Photography Club and anything else that I can manage to do while still tackling 17 credits
Hobbies: Reading, writing, photography, working out, gardening, Shark Week, staying up-to-date in the country music world, making new friends
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? No, but I studied Homer, so I’ve already kissed his ass.
Describe yourself in one sentence: Only War and Peace would be long enough to contain my awesomeness.

Will, Jackson, Annie, and Phoebe met at the Rotunda and went to Mellow Mushroom on the Corner.

Will: I did Love Connection because I just wanted to meet someone new. I’ve met my floormates, but I haven’t met anyone else and I thought it would be a good way to meet people.

Annie: There are like 30 people from my school here, so I was trying to meet people I didn’t already know.

Phoebe: I’m out of state, so I wanted to meet someone that wasn’t on Dabney third floor left. Even if I didn’t like the person, it would be a good chance to meet someone new.

Annie: Going on a blind date was totally out of my comfort zone. I was like why are we doing this?

Phoebe: To be honest, I haven’t been on a date before so I had no idea how it works – regular or blind.

Jackson: We had fears that they would be weird or they would think we were weird.

Annie: When we got to the Rotunda they were sitting on a bench just the two of them, but we weren’t sure if [they were] our dates so we sat on another bench.

Will: We saw them but didn’t know they were our dates. After a little while, we realized who they were and approached them.

Annie: They shook our hands, which was nice. I didn’t realize they were twins at that point. I just thought they looked kind of similar.

Phoebe: I thought they were cute. Jackson was way taller.

Will: I thought they seemed pretty normal for a blind date.

Jackson: They were definitely my type.

Annie: After we met, we just kind of stood around and looked at each other for a while trying to figure out where to go for dinner.

Jackson: No one wanted to decide where to go and the only places I know on the Corner are Basil and Mellow Mushroom.

Will: We eventually decided we wanted pizza and walked over to Mellow.

Phoebe: During dinner we talked about everything. The conversation was easy – it never felt forced.

Will: We talked about what we did in high school – our activities and interests.

Jackson: We had the standard first-year conversation – where you’re from, what’s your major.

Will: The conversation flowed really well. Everyone had lots of things to say, which also might have been because it was a double date. It was [mostly a] non-stop conversation.

Will: It took about 20 minutes into the date before they realized we were twins. I think it sounded really weird because we were from the same state and had gone [on] all the same vacations.

Phoebe: I have no idea if any flirting was going on. I wouldn’t even know how to tell.

Jackson: There was definitely some flirting going on with both girls.

Will: Maybe there was flirting and I was completely oblivious to it.

Phoebe: After dinner, we headed over to Arch’s.

Annie: Afterwards they walked us home, but Will had to charge his phone before he went off to Rugby so we walked Jack home to Gooch and then took a bus back.

Phoebe: We didn’t get home until [around] midnight. The date was really long – four and a half hours.

Will: I would rate the date an 8 because it was fun and I think everyone had a good time. The best part was the gooey brownie. Do they not even cook it?

Phoebe: I would give it a 10 for fun-ness, but I don’t know how to qualify it for date-ness because I’ve never been on a date before.

Annie: It was really fun; it just flowed really well.

Jackson: I would give it a solid 8. They were cool and it was fun.

Phoebe: I friended both of the guys on Facebook and then ran into them at Runk later.

Annie: I could see us hanging out again. We exchanged numbers during the date.

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