Gooch building renovations completed for move-in day

Changes include new bathrooms, furnishing


During the summer, one of the buildings in the Gooch residence area — Gooch 381 — underwent noticeable renovations. Construction began May 12 and was ready in time for members of the Class of 2018 to move in.

The most evident change was the conversion of single-occupancy rooms to double-occupancy rooms— largely in response to a survey showing a widespread preference among students for a roommate.

“The data clearly shows that our first-year students prefer double occupancy and community bathroom configurations,” Gay Perez, the associate dean for Housing and Residence Life, said in an email.

Though initial planning only called for mechanical and fire system renovations, Perez said other adjustments were made based on student feedback.

According to the Facilities Planning and Construction website, the range of restorations included exterior masonry repairs, fresh tiling and painting, and various other enhancements inside the suites, including new bathrooms and furnishing. In total, the renovations impacted 11 suites and 66 beds.

The cost of the project was approximately $2.7 million, funded by a combination of cash reserves and bonds.

“It was an extremely tight schedule but there was excellent coordination between the University, the contractor, and the architect,” Perez said. “No major problem occurred that delayed the project in time for the first years’ arrival.”

Move-in day feedback showed positive reviews among students and parents, Perez said..

Plans have already been set to renovate the remainder of the suites in the Gooch-Dillard Residence Area and to build a pedestrian bridge that will connect Gooch to Courtenay.

Also scheduled for upcoming renovations are the McCormick Road dorms, parts of Faulkner and Copeley, and the bathrooms in Brown College.

“Our master plan continues to evolve as we look to upgrade and refresh our student housing for all our residents,” Perez said.

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