Prospective employers target students through On-Grounds Interviewing

OGI critical opportunity for Engineering, Commerce students


University Career Services will host On-Grounds Interviewing at Bryant Hall beginning Sept. 22. On-Grounds Interviewing, or OGI, occurs both in the fall and the spring, and the program invites an array of employers who look for students to fill full-time and part-time positions.

Everette Fortner, associate vice president of career and professional development at UCS, said this year will see an increase in the number of employers available at OGI.

“At the moment 200 companies have scheduled to participate in OGI, which is slightly above the number [of companies] from last year,” Fortner said.

Interviews are mainly populated by fourth years, but Fortner said some of the 800 students who will participate this fall will also be third years.

A majority of the businesses which partner with UCS for OGI are engineering, manufacturing, management, government, business and sales firms. Still, Fortner said College students should participate as well — as the companies “are recruiting students based on their skill set rather than their declared major.”

Of the College’s 2013 graduates, 29 percent of the graduates’ current job was directly related to their academic major. On the other hand, 29 percent of graduates reported their current job was barely or not related to their major.

Both Denise Egan, assistant commerce dean for career services, and Mary Riner, Commerce School director of employer relations, said OGI is an effective process, especially for Commerce Students.

“I think it’s a process that’s working very well for all students,” Egan said. “It’s a very positive experience for our employers, for those of us in career services, and for McIntire students.”

Egan said OGI is the primary resource for recruiting for Commerce students and counselors in the school encourage students to use the program to look for jobs.

Riner said data from UCS showed that in the 2013-14 recruiting season nearly half of all interviews featured Commerce students, both graduate and undergraduate.

Seventy-six percent of 2013 graduates indicated using UCS during their time at the University, according to the College’s second annual “First Destinations Report”. The Engineering School notes in its 2013 Career Development Report that OGI directly provided 10 percent of initial employment offers that were accepted by engineering students.

In order to register for OGI, students must provide personal information and complete an application on UCS’s CavLink website.

“Once students are approved for OGI, they can apply for specific positions in CavLink,” said David Lapinski, the UCS Director of Employer Relations. “After applying, employers review the résumés of the applicants and select candidates they would like to interview. The students usually receive a notification they’ve been ‘preselected’ a week before the interviews, then they begin signing-up for time slots on a specific day.”

The spring OGI program caters more toward internships, Fortner said, since it is recommended for fourth-year students earlier in the year.

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