Dumpling truck line to count for non-Western perspective requirement

Sullivan cites need for more "accessible" courses

Following months of speculation, College Dean Ian Baucom announced today that waiting in line for the “Got Dumplings” food truck will count as a three-credit course starting Fall 2015. The truck is well-known for its authentic Chinese cuisine and for the line that often stretches more than five kilometers.

Baucom justified the school’s decision with the findings of a semester-long special committee report.

“We have learned that the average dumpling truck customer spends two sessions of at least 75 minutes waiting in line for his daily dose of non-western culture,” Baucom said. “Students plan their other commitments around this time-slot, and students spend most of this time refreshing their stale Yik Yak and Facebook feeds. In other words, the dumpling truck line checks off all the criteria that make up any course in the College.”

According to Baucom, credit for waiting in line at the dumpling truck may be given retroactively.

“It makes so much more sense to give credit to this semester’s chronic dumpling truck addicts — I mean customers,” Baucom said. “So many students have already put in time exploring this culture, why not give them credit for it?”

University President Teresa Sullivan stated her support for the new credit offering.

“We’ve needed a more accessible non-western perspective course for a while,” Sullivan said while standing six spots back from the cashier and visibly salivating. “I’ll always remember the cultural awareness I gained when I learned that edamame isn’t pronounced ‘e-de-maim.’ This is a bold step forward for the University’s global footprint and diverse student body.”

Fourth-year East Asian Studies major Robby Koch said he felt the change was justified.

“I’ve actually studied abroad in Shanghai and Beijing, but the line of shuffling first years outside the dumpling truck feels like a more authentic Asian experience than my experience in Asia,” Koch said. “It really gives you a feel for the population density problems they suffer from and also the constant references to counterfeit currency — plus dollars — prepare students for the counterfeit goods they will inevitably be sold if they venture across the world.”

The course will be called “Bridging Cultures through Fatty, Salty, Delectable Dumplings” and will be cross-listed as EALC 1600 and DUMP 1010. There will be no cap on student enrollment.

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