Dean Groves quits to become new PiKA president

Dean of Students announces resignation via Twitter

In a surprise move Tuesday, Dean of Students Allen Groves resigned from his position in order to become the new president of the University’s chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, colloquially known as PiKA.

Groves was a member of PiKA as an undergraduate at Stetson University. While there, Groves was known as the one brother of his chapter to single-handedly solve the hazing epidemic facing his university — a skill he has since brought to U.Va.

“I was able to successfully reinstate PiKA — who, hazing or not, really deserved to be back on Grounds — while I was Dean of Students, and now that PiKA is back on Grounds, I feel my job is done,” Groves said. “What else does the Dean of Students really do, anyway, besides defend Greek Life?”

Groves announced his resignation via Twitter, with the following message to his followers: “Thnks fr th mmrs. If you need help with a bowtie, holla atcha boi.”

Following the news of his resignation, University President Teresa Sullivan said she will begin a search committee for the new Dean of Students within the year, and expects to have a new candidate within the next five years. In the meantime, Pat Lampkin will serve as the stand-in Dean of Students as well as the Vice President of Student Affairs, because only these three administrators exist.

Student Council President Abe Axler expressed support for Groves’s decision to leave the University administration.

“Strong leadership is important for the University right now,” Axler said. “I hope this decision will help promote student self-governance, and the Student Council will be hosting a forum later this week to mediate a conversation.”

Groves said he hopes his new position as the Alpha chapter’s president will increase his status within the PiKA Memorial Headquarters.

“Being a member of the Delta Upsilon Chapter was rewarding, but I’m in the tank with bigger fish now, and having my name on the Alpha Chapter is the perfect way to increase both my and the chapter’s status,” Groves said. “Once I found out [Vice President of Student Affairs] Pat [Lampkin] isn’t going anywhere any time soon and I couldn’t move in on that title, I realized what I had before was a job — but what I have with PiKA is family.”

Groves emphasized that his goal as Dean of Students was always to represent minority voices at the University — in particular, the 30 percent minority population of Greek-affiliated students. More specifically, within that minority, Groves was proud to only represent members of the Inter-Fraternity Council.

Now that Groves will take over as president of PiKA, outgoing PiKA President Jack Curry will return to his original position as “brother.” Curry expressed no disdain at the loss of his leadership role.

“We’re happy that Allen is coming back to the frat, and think that he will be able to help us with some necessary changes, such as how to get around the new FOA [Fraternal Organization Agreement],” Curry said. “He really knows the ins and outs of it.”

Curry said Groves will be welcomed to the chapter with open arms and the traditional marks of membership. The ritual began with Groves sprinting to the PiKA house on Rugby Road, where the brothers welcomed him with a flaming couch and frantic chants known to be well-circulated within the chapter.

Groves expressed excitement for this next chapter in his life.

“Now that I’m returning to the chapter, I can be the brother I couldn’t be in my old job,” Groves said. “ Now I can go back to enjoying brotherhood in the proper way: sitting on the roof with a cold Busch Light.”

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