Real reason behind tuition hikes revealed

Protestors placated with Little John's, Chipotle

Johnny Gryphon announced Friday the tuition hikes passed by the Board last week will be used to “improve the quality of student life,” rather than increasing aid as the original plan stated.

In a closed session with students, Gryphon came to realize that the additional dollars should address current student concerns, rather than aid prospective students, fourth-year College student Meg Lewis, who attended the closed session, said.

“Gryphon basically was like, I didn’t really ask anyone what we should do with the money, but I felt like it was time for a tuition hike, and I love a good controversy,” Lewis said. “During the closed session with me and some buddies we really hashed out a plan. I think students will be pleased as punch.”

The improvements include adding Chipotle and LittleJohn’s to select dining halls (Runk and Shea House) and dedicating a floor of each new dorm room to “entertainment stations,” such as GameCube consoles and “Just Dance 9.”

“‘Just Dance 9’ has the latest hits from Miley Cyrus!” Lewis added.

Helena Dragon, a Board member, said she was pleased to see Gryphon listening to student opinion, but that she didn’t agree with all of the changes.

“I personally feel that Qdoba would be a better investment of tuition dollars,” Dragon said.

She also expressed concern that Board members were not properly briefed on the new proposal, however, they all voted to pass the changes anyway.

“I was gchatting at least five board members last night who felt that ‘Guitar Hero’ would be more appropriate than ‘Just Dance 9,’ mainly because it includes more classics, like ‘Barracuda,’” Dragon said.

Gryphon said the changes would help the University attract the kind of student it really wants to see here on Grounds.

“These changes put us at the forefront, right up there with the likes of UC Santa Barbara and the University of Hawaii,” Gryphon said. “Prospective students will recognize that.”

Student protests continued despite the widespread popularity of the changes, citing the need to protest something and a “general feeling of activism” as the primary reason for the protest.

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