Christian and Emma

Will polite manners win the girl?

Christian and Emma met in front of the Rotunda at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening and went to Basil on the Corner.

Christian: I only dated one person in college, and that was continuing from high school. So I figured [signing up for Love Connection] could be a fun way to get to know someone.

Emma: I actually [signed up for Love Connection] with my best friend. We filled out each other's profiles. So I guess Christian matched with my best friend's idea of who I am. That was kind of fun, being able to describe my girlfriend like "here's all these great things I see in her that she may not be able to see in herself and vice versa." I actually haven't seen the profile she made for me.

Christian: [When I found out I was chosen] I thought this could either be really good or really bad.

Emma: I was actually on my way back from a work trip and I got the text and was like "Oh this is cool. This is exam week but let's do this, yeah, why not." I needed a study break and thought this was something fun to do.

Christian: I had never been on a blind date before. I didn’t really have any expectations — I just wanted to go with the flow.

Emma: My grandmother has always wanted to set me up with a guy. Whenever I go home she's like, "Oh I have this boy for you!" I'm like, "Grandma, please tell me he's not 30." So I have this really bad impression in my mind about what blind dates are. But this date was not like this at all. Grandma would not have picked this boy.

Christian: I got [to the Rotunda] first. So I waited around for a little while. People were going in and out of places and I was like, "Is that her? Or maybe her?" But she was right on time.

Emma: Christian actually beat me there. I felt a little bad since I was running from class. So I'm there with my backpack like, "Hi! I'm here!" He was standing by himself, and we kind of both looked at each other and were like, "Hey, is this you?" And I wasn't sure what we were going to do … but he had it all figured out on where he wanted to take me.

Christian: [My first impression was that] she was very outgoing and seemed nice.

Emma: Christian is cute. I was really impressed he had a whole plan for what he wanted to do. He has really good manners.

Christian: The first thing she asked me was, "What do we do?" I already had planned to go out to dinner. I decided on Basil because it's right on the Corner and really popular.

Emma: We ended up going to Basil for dinner. Isn't that a nice date? I figured, "Oh, we'll go to Newcomb." That's the horrid date that everyone talks about. But he picked a nice place.

Christian: I feel like it was very basic conversation. Just getting to know each other type of questions. Sometimes it didn't feel natural. Sometimes I thought maybe it was forced conversation. I feel like there [were] one or two awkward silences, but other than that it flowed pretty well.

Emma: If anything, he let me dominate the conversation. He was really willing to talk about the things I'm interested in which you always look for in a person. Again, he's super polite. But I feel bad about that. I wish I could've gotten to know him a little bit better too.

Christian: We didn't have all too much in common. We have some geographic similarities.

Emma: We're both out of state, he's from Long Island and I'm from [New] Jersey. Jersey girls don't usually date boys from the island, but it's a Jersey Shore joke. Our majors are similar too. He's doing Foreign Affairs, and I'm doing Ethics. We had taken some of the same classes, and he also has a younger brother.

Christian: She happened to be close friends with my suitemate from first year. It was funny because what a small world.

Emma: He's a Republican and I'm a Democrat. We agreed on not Trump. [But] I'm a nationally ranked fencing referee, and he's not into sports, so that was a little awkward.

Christian: [The vibe] was not romantic, it was platonic. I think we'll be the type of people on Grounds who see each other and wave hi, but that’s about it.

Emma: I figured out that Christian is taking over one of my friend's leases and moving in with my guy friends. So there's a little too much connection there. Maybe [we'll be] friends. He's moving in with my best guy friend, so I don't want to make anything awkward.

Christian: I paid for dinner. She had to go to class.

Emma: He paid. We did the wallet dance, but he won. My dad always taught me, "You always offer to pay." It's always important.

Christian: [The date was] a 6. We didn't really click. I feel like if we saw each other at a party we'll say hi. But she was really nice.

Emma: It was a really good date. The date was a 7. Christian is probably a 9, just not for me. I'd totally set him up with my friends though.

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