Being grammatically correct

Everyone is soft nowadays. That’s right, I said it. I know I’m going to catch a radiator’s worth of heat for saying this, but I’m a maverick. I speak off the cuff, and what’s coming off my wrist right now is this hot take: people are way too concerned nowadays with being grammatically correct.

I get wanting to come up with a system, a standard by which everyone abides by in communicating. The problem with that is we’ve already got way too many systems, also known as languages. You know how many different words we’ve created for saying “hello?” Thousands. There are thousands of different ways just to say hi to someone. All these people in other countries are making up their own ways to greet people when ‘hello’ is perfectly acceptable. I mean, even with English, we’ve made up a bunch of different ways to greet each other: “hey,” “what’s up?,” “yo,” “sah” — it’s out of hand.

The least we could do is get rid of all these symbols. If it’s not in the alphabet, I don’t want it on the paper. There’s no need! What symbols communicate more than what an assemblage of words can? What symbols distinguish a sentence between a question and statement? Is anyone ever going to know the difference:}

Perfectly good time that could be spent on learning a whole assortment of other things is otherwise spent on grammar, which in my opinion is a waste, and not just because I wasn’t good at it in highschool, because I was actually decent at it, I just had a hard time understanding the difference between colons and semicolons and how to format essays and especially with run-on sentences.

I don’t even know when we got to this point. What’s society’s big deal with following all these prescribed rules? Guess what, America: if I don’t add a period to the end of my sentence, and you lose track of where I am in my text, that’s not my problem That is on you!

oh, so you’re telling me if I don’t capitalize the beginning of every sentence or pronoun, then everyone is just dazed and confused for the rest of time? Please. Everyone knows what I mean when I talk I don’t need these rules to communicate the rules themselves are just a societal construct anyway and no I won’t use any commas.

Its worser at college campuses like U.Va. Bunch of over educated, whiny, Merriam Webster obssessed kids, who think theyre smart being grammatically correct but are really hindering what they wanna say. Whom cares if yall dont polish youre essays or check you spelling and intent all the pair graphs. Long essays are just for essays + dats there problem.

God, don’t even start me on algebra. 

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