Top 10 ways to to get in the Halloween spirit

Get spooky with it


How do you expect to get in the Halloween spirit if you don’t create a spooky atmosphere?

Ashley Botkin | Cavalier Daily

1. Prepare your Halloween costume

Halloween costumes take a lot of planning. It’s important to find something unique yet practical. You want to show off your creativity but still be a recognizable character. You also don’t want it to be too complicated or time-consuming to make because it’s inevitably going to be ruined when you get trashed during Halloweekend. In case you’re off to a late start, here are some ideas— Sexy Thomas Jefferson, Edgar Allan Ho, Sexy UPD Officer or Sexy UTS Bus. 

2. Make spooky treats

If the Halloween season doesn’t make you want to gobble up an entire pumpkin, we need to have a talk. This time of year, the only thing running through your veins should be the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice, apples and maple. If you are a little behind on the whole pumpkin spice thing, you’ve got some catching up to do. Go on Pinterest for five minutes, and I promise you will have more ideas than you know what to do with. I’m talking mummy brownies, brain cakes and spider pops. Go big or go home. 

3. Perform a seance

What better way to prepare yourself for Halloween than to perform a real-life seance! Gather up some friends, candles and food, and try to contact someone from beyond. A genuine ghost will really step up your decorations this year and maybe you’ll even make a friend. If you’re not entirely sure about the seance process, I’m sure there’s a wikiHow article with a step-by-step process somewhere. 

4. Explore the steam tunnels

If you really want to up the ante this year, try exploring the steam tunnels. Not only will the unknown darkness raise the hairs on your neck, but the fear of expulsion will also loom over your head! That’s right folks, exploring the steam tunnel is 10 times scarier than any haunted house because there are real-life consequences. Imagine the disappointment on your mom’s face when she finds out you’ve been kicked out of college for climbing in some tunnels, and the embarrassment you feel from getting a job at McDonald’s and then living in your parents’ basement forever. It’s terrifying! 

5. Spook up your dorm/apartment

How do you expect to get in the Halloween spirit if you don’t create a spooky atmosphere? It’s pretty much impossible. Hit up your local antique store or Michaels for some fun decorations. Grave robbing could dig up some unique pieces to complete your aesthetic. Maybe there are a few chemistry labs that have some cool looking mixtures that could double as potions. If you’re having trouble finding a real witch’s broom or mummy wrappings, store bought is fine. 

6. Carve a pumpkin

You may not think pumpkin carving is especially spooky, but I promise you it is. Sticking your hand in the innards of a pumpkin is so creepy and gross, especially when it’s all cold. Even though you know what you’re about to touch, there is something so unsettling about scooping everything out. It’s literally the pumpkin’s guts. What’s scarier than pumpkin guts on your hands? Maybe the haunting memory of taking a young pumpkin’s life so soon. But at least your decorations will be super cute and festive!

7. Devour some candy

The most beautiful part about Halloween is the bulk bags of candy. The season gives you an excuse to buy as many bags as you want and claim you’re going to hand them out for Halloween. Also the fun size means you can eat more, right? If you hoard your candy right, then you can make it last maybe through the whole weekend. And once you run out of your Halloween candy, hit the stores again post-Halloween candy sales!

8. Watch some spooky movies

There are two ways to watch scary movies. One way is to watch it with all the lights on, windows open and during the middle of the day. The other way is to brave it in the middle of the night in the pitch-black like a “real man.” There’s also a secret third way to watch scary movies, which is to not watch them at all. I am not a real man because the last scary movie I watched was in eighth grade, and I told myself I would never again. If you can’t work yourself up to a scary movie, then try some scary soundtracks to fill you with a little less fear. 

9. Go to a corn maze

Corn mazes are so fun and festive, that is, until you can’t find your way out and you’re stuck in miles of corn. A little bit of panic gets you in that Halloween spirit faster than anything else, and what’s Halloween without a little fright? It’s very spooky as it starts to get darker. You can’t find your way out, and “Children of the Corn” keeps flashing in your mind. But don’t worry, someone will find you — eventually. 

10. Think about the future

Graduation … job searches … a mortgage! Imagining life as an adult is scarier than any knife-wielding clown or headless horseman. Just filling out a resume will strike fear straight into your heart and soul. And don’t even get me started on taxes. Living in a world where you can’t wake up at noon every day or skip class whenever you want is spine-chilling. Please be careful with this one, it’s the scariest and most powerful of all. Perform seances all you want, but you can’t stop the future from sneaking up on you — no matter how hard you try. 

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