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Coming to the table

Did you know Virginia has a club table tennis team? Did you know that the team was actually founded in 1973? No? We didn’t either. So The Cavalier Daily decided it was a good idea to get the highs, the lows and the volleys of Virginia Club Table Tennis.

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(RSS)   Fashion Fridays


Ponchos, The New North Face?

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(RSS)   Letters from the Editor


The Cavalier Daily website gets a facelift

Dear Readers, If you visited today, you may have noticed that things look different. Read more

(RSS)   On sexual assault: letters from the community


A moral imperative — addressing the problem of sexual assault

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(RSS)   Rap Music

The State of the (Rap) Union (So Far)

It’s been a tough year for mainstream rap music. For the first six months of the year, the only... Read more

(RSS)   Weird Music Wednesdays

Weird Music Wednesday: You're in the Jungle're gonna die...

UK Jungle is a harsh, uncompromising, disruptive form of music. And that’s probably exactly why it sticks. Typically conceived by low-income black youth in Britain and born into the London club scene in the early 90s, jungle was a piece-by-piece reversal of the dominant European dance-music paradigm, which consisted of simple, trance-like, 4/4 disco-esque music and over-the-top melodies and harmonies. Read more

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