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(RSS)   Club Sports


Skating figure eights

The Virginia Club Figure Skating team has been around for a few years now, but this past October marked the first season the team was able to compete against other collegiate club teams throughout the country. Read more

(RSS)   Contributors

(RSS)   Fashion Fridays


Harem pants: The next big thing

A new fashion trend is sweeping across the nation and, subsequently, Grounds. It’s harem pants.... Read more

(RSS)   Letters from the Editor


The Cavalier Daily website gets a facelift

Dear Readers, If you visited today, you may have noticed that things look different. Read more

(RSS)   Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should

Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should #1: ‘The Man from Earth’

I’d personally like to welcome you all to the first installment of my column “Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should.” As an avid viewer of movies and films of all sorts, I believe there are some films that may not have the fame or following of many popular movies but are well worth a watch. Read more

(RSS)   Weird Music Wednesdays

Weird Music Wednesday: You're in the Jungle're gonna die...

UK Jungle is a harsh, uncompromising, disruptive form of music. And that’s probably exactly why it sticks. Typically conceived by low-income black youth in Britain and born into the London club scene in the early 90s, jungle was a piece-by-piece reversal of the dominant European dance-music paradigm, which consisted of simple, trance-like, 4/4 disco-esque music and over-the-top melodies and harmonies. Read more

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