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(RSS)   Fashion Fridays

How thrift stores saved my life

There was once a time, during my dark childhood, when I did not understand the importance of thrift stores. Read more

(RSS)   Weird Music Wednesdays

Weird Music #8: Algorithms we live by

For those of us who find it difficult to do go about our everyday tasks without the assistance of a computer, it’s a constant struggle to maintain a safe distance from technology and convince ourselves we could operate without it. Read more

(RSS)   Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should

Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should #1: ‘The Man from Earth’

I’d personally like to welcome you all to the first installment of my column “Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should.” As an avid viewer of movies and films of all sorts, I believe there are some films that may not have the fame or following of many popular movies but are well worth a watch. Read more

(RSS)   Club Sports


Skating figure eights

The Virginia Club Figure Skating team has been around for a few years now, but this past October marked the first season the team was able to compete against other collegiate club teams throughout the country. Read more

(RSS)   On the Cav Walk

All things trendy and hip under the umbrella term called “fashion.”

The New and Improved CavWalk Blog!

__** Read more

(RSS)   Letters from the Editor


Full-time advertising representative starting in December 2013

Full-time advertising representative starting in December 2013 The Cavalier Daily is the only daily news organization at the University of Virginia and the oldest
newspaper in Charlottesville. Read more

(RSS)   Pulse of the Fan


Live blogging the ACC Tournament

Video: Mike London reacts after Ball State loss

Mike London was disappointed after the game, calling the 48-27 loss “embarassing.” Here’s him in his own words, on the loss and the team’s penalties. Read more

(RSS)   The Word of Bond

Corvus Rettulit: "Shutter Island" Book Review

Dear Readers,
This is another section of my blog where I’ll discuss my reactions to books, entitled “Corvus Rettulit”. Of course, you can always leave recommendations and suggestions for other awesome books by emailing me at Anyways, here is my first book review of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island. Read more

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