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In Memoriam: honoring students we’ve lost

今年UVA对三位学生的去世表示悲痛——Rose (Rosie) Marie Randolph, Holly Edwards 和 Melanie Wetzel。虽然这些学生去世了,她们的故事和精神财富将被UVA以及整个夏洛茨维尔的人民铭记。

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Weird Music Wednesdays

Weird Music Wednesday: You're in the Jungle're gonna die...

UK Jungle is a harsh, uncompromising, disruptive form of music. And that’s probably exactly why it sticks. Typically conceived by low-income black youth in Britain and born into the London club scene in the early 90s, jungle was a piece-by-piece reversal of the dominant European dance-music paradigm, which consisted of simple, trance-like, 4/4 disco-esque music and over-the-top melodies and harmonies.