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PASCIAK: Increasing the legal tobacco purchasing age in Virginia is the right call

(03/08/19 1:08am)

Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia signed a bill into law that would raise the buying age of tobacco products from 18 to 21 years old two weeks ago, becoming the seventh state to implement this new policy. The law was enacted in response to a rise in underage e-cigarette usage in the United States and is a step in the right direction towards further reducing underage tobacco usage. 

Uniting student leaders with approaches for critical conversations

(03/07/19 2:19am)

In an environment constantly struggling with issues of social injustice and oppression, conversation is vital. Leaders of student organizations on Grounds have struggled with how to facilitate meaningful and fair conversation in which each voice is heard, recognized and understood. Fourth-year College and Curry student Emily Schmid found a creative approach to tackle this issue — using theatre methodology in conflict resolution. Her simplistic approach of movement and interaction provides clear formulas to begin these difficult conversations.

The continuing echo of the ‘barbaric yawp’

(03/08/19 1:35am)

“Encompassing Multitudes: The Song of Walt Whitman,” a new exhibit located in the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library — and curated by George Riser, alongside Robert C. Taylor Professor of English Steve Cushman, Director of Creative Writing Lisa Russ Spaar and Library Ambassador and former Wolfe Undergraduate docent Charlotte Hennessy — is designed with purpose. Upon entering the main room, viewers immediately notice the first display, an impressive poster filled with quoted early reactions to Whitman’s magnum opus “Leaves of Grass,” originally published in 1855. One side of the poster features positive reviews — while the other is, to say the least, a bit more critical.

Interactive map underway to present housing discrimination origins in Charlottesville

(03/15/19 6:51pm)

There are roughly 17,000 pages worth of Charlottesville property deeds sitting at the bottom of the Albemarle County Courthouse, and freelance journalist Jordy Yager plans on analyzing each and every one of them. In these deeds, which date back to the early 20th century, Yager has found racial wording that essentially prevented future homeowners from selling to people of color, creating a perpetual loop of segregated housing in the City. 

Estimated 600 votes reset in spring 2019 election for Honor Undergraduate Arts and Sciences representative

(03/07/19 2:26am)

An email sent by Alex Smith-Scales, University Board of Elections chair and a fourth-year College student, informed students that their votes for the Honor Undergraduate Arts & Sciences representative were “reset” due to a “technology error” in the Spring 2019 University-wide elections.

EDITORIAL: Jim Ryan was wrong to accept Northam’s appointment

(03/07/19 5:56am)

Nothing has defined contemporary Virginia politics quite like the events that have transpired over the past few weeks. At the beginning of February — which also was coincidentally black history month — racist photos emerged on Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D-Va.) page of his medical school yearbook depicting two men, one dressed in a Klan costume and another in blackface. The fallout from the picture and subsequent reaction by the Governor’s office deepened an already very serious political crisis and plunged the Democratic establishment in the Commonwealth into chaos. 

WAGENAAR: Remove the Whispering Wall

(03/07/19 2:13am)

Between Monroe Hall and Brown College there is a relatively inconspicuous curved wall and fountain — more known for its unique ability to carry whispers than for its tarnished history. The inscription on it reads “A MEMORIAL TO THE HONORABLE FRANK HUME — A DEVOTED VIRGINIAN WHO SERVED HIS NATIVE STATE IN CIVIL WAR AND LEGISLATIVE HALL.” With some deduction, one will soon realize that Hume fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Student Council President-elect Ellie Brasacchio appoints Chief of Cabinet for next term

(03/08/19 9:34pm)

Third-year College student and current Chair of the Representative Body Ellie Brasacchio announced the appointment of Ellen Yates to the position of chief of cabinet at Student Council’s general body meeting Tuesday. Yates is a second-year College student and the current Student Life Committee chair.

U.Va. Hospital expands eye clinic to address the needs of a growing population

(03/14/19 7:10pm)

In response to increased numbers in patient population and in groups of people at a higher risk for certain eye diseases — such as Hispanic and aging populations — the University Health System recently opened an expanded, comprehensive eye clinic at U.Va. Medical Park Northridge in Albemarle County Feb. 11. The expanded clinic includes nine additional clinic rooms and specialty care services, such as cornea and retinal care, along with treatments for cataracts and uveitis, a form of eye inflammation.

In ‘Leaving Neverland,’ unanswered questions of complicity

(03/11/19 3:04am)

Six months before child molestation allegations ravaged his career, Michael Jackson sat in a theater at Neverland Ranch — his residence in Santa Barbara County, California — for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The event, watched by an estimated 90 million people, was a fluffy promotional vehicle for the music video of “Give In to Me,” a song from Jackson’s eighth studio album, “Dangerous.”

‘I’m Just Being Honest’: The new Weezer album is terrible

(03/06/19 2:20am)

Weezer released their latest musical endeavor Friday called the “Black Album,” their sixth color album and their 13th overall in the almost 25 years that they’ve been active. Known for the beachy alternative rock that brought them to stardom in 1994 with the “Blue Album” — produced under the same label as Nirvana — Weezer has long been the choice background music to many a summer night. At one time, they truly connected to the youth experience through hits like “Island In The Sun” and “Say It Ain’t So,” but be warned — don’t listen to the “Black Album” hoping to be swept away by the music and transported onto a 90s beach scene. In short, the “Black Album” is a failure. 

The week that was: A look at the standout performances

(03/06/19 2:14am)

As two seasons of sports continue at the University, students and fans can enjoy a sporting event nearly every day of the week. Several teams have been excelling, with men’s basketball continuing to dominate competition and men’s lacrosse picking up two dramatic overtime wins on the road in consecutive weeks. This week though, I decided to spotlight four individuals who have shined in their respective sports.

I’d really appreciate if Allen Groves or Jim Ryan could retweet this article or something because I could really use a win

(03/11/19 2:08am)

I’m going to put the funny business aside for a second and get serious with you all. I know that sounds ridiculous. After all, you came here — to the humor section — probably to forget about whatever’s going on in your life and just have a laugh. I get it. Heck, that’s why I write for the humor section. Everybody needs that every once in a while. But us humor writers have stuff going on, too. Sure, we put on our funny facades and our jokes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own problems. And where are we supposed to go when we need a break? Who’s writing the stuff to make us laugh?