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University introduces new food lab initiative at Morven Farms

(10/31/18 1:35am)

The University is embarking on a new program at Morven Farms, transforming part of the former estate into “First Lady’s Food Lab” — named in honor of efforts to end childhood hunger by former Virginia First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe — to create greater access to food and nutritional information in the community. 

No. 6 women’s soccer move into its last weekend at home

(10/20/18 12:06am)

The No. 6 Virginia women’s soccer team faces two very different opponents on their last weekend of regular season conference play. Facing the less distinguished of the two away teams, the Cavaliers marched all over Syracuse (3-13, 0-8 ACC) in a comfortable victory Thursday night. Game two is set to be much more of a contest, as the Cavaliers square off against No. 14 Florida State (11-3-2, 4-3-1 ACC) Sunday afternoon. 

In conversation with Nicole Chung

(10/19/18 9:47pm)

Nicole Chung’s debut memoir, “All You Can Ever Know,” is a work of magnificent empathy. Its title comes from a phrase that she heard repeatedly while growing up — born to recently immigrated Korean parents and adopted by white Oregonians, she was raised to believe that the story of her adoption was somewhat sad, but ultimately a divine inevitability. She was simply told that her birth parents “thought they wouldn’t be able to give you the life you deserved,” and her Catholic adoptive parents viewed Chung’s arrival into their lives as the result of God’s grand plan. 

La administración de la U.Va. [Universidad de Virginia] condena los insultos racistas dirigidos a estudiantes latinx y miembros de la comunidad

(10/23/18 1:09am)

El artículo no expresa las opiniones o posiciones de los traductores. El artículo es una versión traducida del artículo que se encuentra a continuación:

Bernstein’s ‘Mass’ delivers strong performances, meaningful material

(10/18/18 10:30pm)

Acclaimed composer Leonard Bernstein’s 99th birthday last August initiated a year of celebration for many music lovers across the globe. The so called “Bernstein Centennial,” a year-long celebration of the life and work of the influential musician, was embraced by a wide variety of performance groups and has resulted in his work springing up in many different areas. The University Singers brought this excitement to Charlottesville over the past weekend, through the production of one of Bernstein’s most well-known pieces — “Mass,” a theatrical exploration of the questions of faith and doubt. Over 150 performers joined together to present two shows at the Paramount Theater. 

Un profesor de ingeniería plantea inquietudes en la reunión de Honor sobre los efectos de las sanciones que son dadas a los estudiantes internacionales estudiando para sus maestrías y doctorados

(10/21/18 6:14pm)

El artículo no expresa las opiniones o posiciones de los traductores. El artículo es una versión traducida del artículo que se encuentra a continuación:

Putting more cynicism into my personality

(10/19/18 4:21am)

From the time I was young child, one of the clearest memories I have is being told how “sweet” and “innocent” I was — to extent where I was even “gullible.” I do not deny that this was the case, as I was very much a rather naive child who was a little oblivious to certain realities. My personality traits do point in the direction of naive more often than not. I have always had trouble saying no to people in fear of hurting feelings. I tend to be nice to the point where I have trouble standing up for myself —- again, because I am afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. I am so afraid of confrontation that it backfires, and I am labeled a push-over.

The harrowing experience of apprehending a vicious groundhog

(10/19/18 4:18am)

I’ve always loved the presence of nature on Grounds. From the green fields to the docile squirrels and the endless trees, few college campuses can claim to be as calming. With exams increasing and stress on the rise, I’ve found myself appreciating the environment even more than usual. Last week, I read that exposure to nature can even decrease levels of stress and boost overall mental health, which I thought made perfect sense. After all, what part of the University’s natural environment could be stressful?

平民和庶民的哲学2: 布加洛舞

(10/21/18 6:51pm)



(10/23/18 1:15am)