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‘Trench’ takes a new angle to look at mental illness

(10/15/18 3:20am)

“Trench” is one of the most anticipated alternative rock albums to be released this year, and has left no boundary uncrossed. Using lyrics that Tyler Joseph — Twenty One Pilots’ lead singer and lyricist — continues to talk about mental illness and depression, they pick up the baton directly from their last album “Blurryface.” The album is chock-full of lyrics riddled with meaning and bass lines strong enough to shake the floor. 

The parallels of party culture

(10/18/18 5:28pm)

On the surface, frat parties might appear to be cesspools of sin. But as with anything at U.Va., a closer look yields a different answer. The beloved pilgrimage of Hoos from frat house to frat house, Thursday through Saturday, rain or shine, actually dates back to ancient times. The crawl from party to party is actually very similar to the plight of Mary and Joseph as they searched for a place to stay in Bethlehem. The tradition’s origins are unknown, but legend tells of a fraternity brother majoring in Religious Studies beginning the ritual one night as he, in a drunken stupor, knocked on the doors of all the fraternity houses trying to locate his own.

The importance of practicing dumbness

(10/17/18 3:02am)

The dominant myth in U.Va. culture, it seems to me, is that everyone is constantly ahead of the next person. Individually, we feel a pressure not only to succeed in every aspect of our lives, but also to be better than those around us. This can even happen with activities we are passionate about, leading us to adopt disdain for things that once brought great fulfillment. Instead of beloved pastimes, our interests become mediums through which we exercise power and control, and ultimately onto which we project our hopes of being the “best” and the “greatest.” In doing so, we become far removed from our natural state of being; we attempt to transcend the natural sense of fluidity and disorder with “success.” 

EDITORIAL: Make the University community safer at night

(10/11/18 12:48am)

Since the start of this Fall Semester, there have been several reported cases of attempted robbery, sexual assault and pickpocketing around Grounds, most of which have occurred during evening hours. These numerous safety threats have caused students to fear walking home at night, raising doubts about the effectiveness of the University’s commitment to student safety. While the University has implemented many measures to improve campus security in recent years, the fact that serious crimes are still regularly being perpetrated against students clearly indicates that the administration needs to do more to improve the safety of Grounds. 

‘Better Call Saul’ soars while its good guys disappear

(10/12/18 12:56am)

Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) just cannot catch a break. The fourth season of “Better Call Saul” concluded this week, and for the show’s entire run, McGill has languished in the shadow of his deceased, more successful brother, the legendary lawyer Charles “Chuck” McGill (Michael McKean). Jimmy is such a compelling character in part because of the chip on his shoulder.

Mariah Carey returns to her roots on ‘With You’

(10/12/18 12:06am)

Mariah Carey is setting the stage for her forthcoming 15th studio album with the ballad “With You.” “With You” finds Carey regaining her artistic footing after a string of unsuccessful singles and her lackluster 14th studio album, “Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.” The song pays homage to her older work with trendy yet classic production, Carey-esque lyrics and explosive vocals.  

Former Obama administration official Melody Barnes to lead ‘Democracy Initiative’ at U.Va.

(10/10/18 11:54pm)

The University announced last month the launch of its Democracy Initiative, a collaboration led by the nonpartisan Miller Center of Public Affairs and the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Democracy Initiative will fund research and curriculum exploring issues related to democracy around the world — including race, religion, immigration, women’s rights, the economy and the media.

Company working to bring fresh produce to U.Va. dining halls, Charlottesville businesses and homes

(10/11/18 1:12am)

Babylon Micro-Farms, founded by University alumnus Alexander Olesen during his undergraduate years, has developed a system using hydroponic farming to make growing fresh produce sustainable for the urban consumer. The Babylon team has recently installed more apparatuses in the University dining halls, Charlottesville businesses and consumers’ homes. 

Hospital Education Program allows students to continue attending school while receiving medical treatment

(10/10/18 11:58pm)

The Hospital Education Program — a state-operated school run at the University’s Children’s Hospital — provides academic instruction for hospitalized children receiving inpatient services in the hospital, as well as support services for students receiving outpatient services in certain clinics. At the clinics, educational consultants serve as liaisons between the clinic and student’s schools and provide additional support to families as needed. 

Charlottesville company working to get closer to a cure for alcoholism

(10/11/18 9:33pm)

Charlottesville-based Adial Pharmaceuticals, a spin-off company from the University, is developing a drug to treat alcoholism in subjects with certain genetic makeups. Founded in 2011 at the University by Bankole Johnson, William Stilley and Joseph Truluck, Adial plans to begin Phase 3 of clinical trial testing for their drug as of Fall 2018.

ARAMAYO: How far have we really come?

(10/12/18 12:19am)

On Sept. 27, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, accusing him of sexual assault 36 years ago.  On Oct. 6, however, Kavanaugh was confirmed to the highest court in the land by the Senate by a vote of 50-48.  While the prevalence of the #MeToo movement and incidents of sexual assault and harassment being uncovered by the press give the illusion that we have made progress on these issues, these recent events are reminiscent of another woman’s struggle back in 1991 — Anita Hill.

Student Council considering preliminary budget of $72,000 for 2018-19

(10/10/18 6:58am)

Student Council representatives debated their proposed 2018-19 annual budget — which allocates a total of $72,039 — during the budget session at their meeting Oct. 2. Following approximately 20 minutes of discussion, the representatives voted to table the budget. Student Council will reconvene the Tuesday after fall break for a final vote.