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Pond finds their footing in new album ‘Tasmania’

(03/05/19 3:35am)

Pond, the Australian psychedelic rock band that’s typically been labeled as a Tame Impala sound-alike, has always appeared to be on the verge of finding their signature sound. The band certainly doesn’t keep their listeners waiting — since their founding in 2008, they have released eight albums. Each release indicates a leap from different styles and influences, ranging from garage rock to glam rock to psychedelic pop. On their latest release — which came out March 1 — Pond has once again landed in new territory. “Tasmania” is without a doubt their poppiest effort yet, which is a vast change from the more intense psych/garage rock embedded in their older albums. 

A guide to spring break eats

(03/07/19 1:32am)

Wherever you’re venturing off to this spring break, there are sure to be some staple foods you must try. After all, trying new restaurants and dishes is probably one of the best parts about traveling. Whether you will be roughing it in Joshua Tree National Park on an Alternative Spring Break trip or laying on the beaches of Cancun, you must knock a new food off your bucket list before you come back to the University. 

Virginia men’s swimming and diving places third at ACC Championships

(03/05/19 2:04am)

The Virginia men’s swimming and diving team concluded ACC Championships Saturday in third place with 1,018 points, behind second place Louisville and first place N.C. State. Coming in seeded and placed seventh based on the diving team’s conference results a week earlier, the Cavaliers put together multiple record-setting days and a total of 14 All-ACC honors to secure a podium finish. The standout performance came from senior Brendan Casey, finishing the meet with a total of 92 points and in a three-way tie for top point scorer. 

Charlottesville community commemorates Liberation and Freedom Day with ceremony in Rotunda dome room

(03/05/19 3:32am)

The third annual Liberation and Freedom Day event was held Sunday afternoon in the Rotunda Dome Room. The annual event marks the anniversary of the end of slavery in Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville, which occurred on March 3, 1865 when community members surrendered to incoming Union forces at the foot of Carr’s Hill. 

How many hours do you get a night?

(03/15/19 6:25pm)

As people grow up, the social currency that determines who’s in and who’s out is constantly evolving, leaving many people in the dust trying to keep up with the trends of the time. For some, elementary and middle school was filled with Bakugan and Silly Bandz, forever trading and buying in order to have the thing that no one else did. They all translated into the same language of trying to fit in and earn you the respect of your peers. Most of us look forward to the future where these things turn into the houses we live in, the cars that we drive, the places we vacation or the salaries we are paid. Until then, we are stuck in limbo, having outgrown the needs and wants of childhood, but not having the independence that comes with adult social life. For now, we must work with what we’ve got and outdo each other with our more extreme levels of sleep deprivation.

Virginia loses home opener, wins three in the Cavalier Classic

(03/05/19 2:08am)

Following a loss to Rutgers Thursday night, Virginia was hot at the plate in this weekend’s Cavalier Classic. Despite the rain, which led to the cancelation of three of Virginia’s scheduled games, the Cavaliers finished the tournament 3-0, reaching double digits in all three matchups. Next, Virginia (8-9, 0-0 ACC) will head to Radford Tuesday before returning to The Park to face Pittsburgh Friday. 

GREEN: Student Council has touched your life — whether you know it or not

(03/04/19 5:19am)

Election season is my favorite time of the year because I get to see passionate, dedicated students spend hours campaigning for the privilege of committing their precious time to the betterment of this school and the experiences of the students here. However, last week, Opinion Columnist Milan Bharadwaj suggested in a column that Student Council is nothing more than a “bookkeeping club.” He could not be more wrong. The Council is an advocacy organization that works alongside both student organizations and the administration to achieve policy changes. This advocacy sometimes happens behind the scenes, and it is often for the benefit of marginalized students at the University.

The Jonas Brothers are back with some adult fun

(03/04/19 3:29am)

The Jonas Brothers released their single, “Sucker,” in an official music video on Friday, March 1 at midnight. Their long-awaited reunion was teased in a Feb. 28 tweet on their recently active Twitter account, @jonasbrothers, showcasing “Sucker’s” album cover. The brothers celebrated this epic comeback on Twitter by recreating their iconic, “Oh, how the tables have turned” video meme, which featured a banner spelling out “Hello Again” as confetti flew through the air. 

‘Wasteland, Baby!’ is dynamic and expansive

(03/04/19 3:31am)

After a hiatus of nearly five years, Irish singer-songwriter Hozier reentered the music scene March 1 with the release of his long-awaited second full length album, “Wasteland, Baby!” This past September, Hozier hinted at a full-length album with a short EP— “Nina Cried Power,” as well as gradual single releases leading up to the official full release. 

Yeah, I know, I heard it on a podcast

(03/05/19 2:35am)

For me, it started with the dulcet tones of Mr. Ira Glass’ voice. From my inaugural episode of “This American Life,” I swan-dived into the world of WBEZ Chicago, a utopia of bizarre stories and transitional xylophone music. I never came back. “This American Life” proved to be a powerful gateway drug, a slightly-open window that I threw up with abandon, letting every podcast known to man wash over me in a flood of hot-takes and ads for ZipRecruiter. 

WARTEL: It’s time to make ROTC obsolete

(03/06/19 2:36am)

Any given day on Grounds brings the chance of encountering the seemingly ubiquitous Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University. The assumption of a military recruitment program at universities is something that stands out as a brazen incorporation of the American military’s tentacles seeping into all aspects of life, yet it makes at least surface level sense. Considering that the cost of college makes it difficult for working-class and now even middle-class students to get a degree without accumulating massive amounts of debt, naval, army and airforce scholarships exist for students who want their college paid for with the quid pro quo of military service following graduation. In an economy that guarantees almost nothing, military service helps guarantee healthcare, housing loans and with ROTC, college for those willing to take part in an objectively destructive institution.