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‘Bridging the apparent divide’: Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy K. Smith shares her perspective on poetry

(10/04/18 4:54am)

Tracy K. Smith’s latest collection, “Wade in the Water,” is a work that illuminates American life with piercing care. It’s a slight departure in scope from Smith’s previous collection of poetry, the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Life on Mars” — in accordance with its title, which is drawn from a spiritual that was supposedly used as a guide for fugitive slaves on the Underground Railroad, this book is more willing to submerge itself in the earthbound world and all its attendant, all too tangible injustices. 

Medical Center Hour on Medicaid expansion explores implications for Charlottesville and the state

(10/04/18 4:37am)

A recent Medical Center Hour, a program hosted by the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities, focused on the recent approval of Medicaid expansion in Virginia to 400,000 low-income residents. The one-hour talk last Wednesday featured three speakers, including Del. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville), the minority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates, Carolyn Engelhard, an assistant professor of public health sciences and Chris Ghaemmaghami, the chief medical officer of the University Health System.

Panel event addresses U.Va.'s ties to slavery, provides updates on planned memorial

(10/02/18 6:31am)

The University hosted a panel discussion at the Rotunda Saturday to explore the University’s ties to slavery and emancipation, as well as to provide updates to the ongoing Memorial to Enslaved Laborers project, estimated to be completed by fall 2019. Speakers centered on the role of memory in promoting a more inclusive view of history at the University and the ways in which the planned memorial aims to support this goal. 

Critical race theory conference features historical analysis of Unite the Right rally

(10/02/18 6:30am)

Several professors and experts from schools and departments throughout the University and higher education institutions around the country convened at the Law School Friday to reflect on the white supremacist rallies of Aug. 11 and 12, 2017 through a variety of panel discussions regarding critical race theory in the U.S. 

Brandi Carlile is everybody’s mother

(10/02/18 3:13am)

Two cellos began the Brandi Carlile concert at Sprint Pavilion Friday on an otherwise simple stage — cobalt light shined down on them. The deep vibrato resonated throughout the crowd. A violin and French horn joined the duet. For a moment — if you closed your eyes and tuned out the cheering fans — you might assume you were venturing back into your childhood home, seeing that nothing had changed at all and every bit of nostalgia would wash down your back.

To study abroad or not to study abroad: An internal debate

(10/01/18 3:18am)

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself having to make decisions — meaningful, somewhat large-scale life choices — more and more frequently. I’ve come to the realization that I’m utterly terrible at them, often having to ask myself, “Ellie, what the heck do you want?” — and still find myself without a resolution.

I’ll eat anywhere as long as it’s not tapas

(10/02/18 7:15pm)

Growing up in Charlottesville means marking the stages of my childhood not by birthdays, not by grades, but by Bodo’s orders. Cheddar, muenster and provolone on a salt bagel was an age of innocence. Turkey and provolone on an everything bagel was a time of security and confidence. The three years of tuna and cheddar on whole wheat constitute the dark ages, and so on. A Sunday morning meal at Bodo’s had the capacity to turn the tide of my existence, and I placed great weight in the syntax of my sandwich’s ingredients, as every cheese-choice and meat-option left my fate hanging in the balance.

SMITH: Respect sexual assault survivors’ right to privacy and silence

(10/02/18 3:11am)

As a society, we’re undergoing a massive reckoning with sexual assault. With survivors coming forward after years of silence, conversations about how to address their claims of abuse abound. With the particular cases of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Louis C.K., Russell Simmons and others, public discourse about these men’s particular abuses tended to circulate around why their victims chose to speak up years later — intent on finding excuses for the accused to be truly innocent. This urge to protect sexual predators is not a new phenomenon. However, the watchdog and awareness power of the #MeToo movement has flipped the script, with the knee-jerk reaction to disbelieve survivors being searingly scrutinized. 

DUA: Change the foreign language requirement

(10/02/18 6:57pm)

The University’s general education curriculum is both long and diverse. Amongst the plethora of classes University students must complete, one that deserves particular scrutiny is the foreign language requirement. The foreign language requirement asks students to complete four semesters of a language of their choosing, prior to their seventh semester. As simple as it sounds, the requirement consists of typically four or five classes a week, with lengthy homework due nearly every day, in order to maximize exposure to the language. 

Un año después de convertirse en un departamento de U.Va. [Universidad de Virginia], el Instituto Carter G. Woodson de Estudios Afroamericanos y Africanos obtiene nuevos miembros de facultad y mayores cifras de matrícula

(10/02/18 2:19am)

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