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Medical social workers provide support and guidance throughout patient recovery

(01/24/19 3:05am)

Helping individual patients with health crises, learning about the constantly changing field of healthcare and being with patients' families in times of emotional stress are a few reasons why University Health System medical social worker supervisors Chris Popish and Lisa Repaske are drawn to their work. Popish, Repaske, and medical social worker Fayola Kojo recently spoke to The Cavalier Daily about social work — or aiding clients who have social or psychological concerns —  and its current role in patient recovery. Medical social workers perform a wide variety of tasks, including connecting patients with social resources, communicating with the patient’s family members and offering counseling. 

Virginia vs. Duke — a breakdown

(01/18/19 2:06am)

After a decisive 81-59 win against No. 9 Virginia Tech (14-2, 3-1 ACC), the No. 4 Virginia men’s basketball team (16-0, 4-0 ACC) is set to play No. 1 Duke (15-1, 4-1 ACC) Saturday. All eyes will be on the most anticipated college basketball clash of the season between two ACC powerhouses. ESPN’s CollegeGameday is making the trip to Durham, N.C., where thousands of Blue Devil faithful will be camping out to get into Cameron Indoor Stadium. It is a matchup between two of college basketball’s greatest coaches — Tony Bennett and Mike Krzyzewski. Bennett’s lethally consistent packline defense and mover-blocker offense is pitted against the winningest coach in college basketball history, with perhaps the best freshman class in college basketball history. Freshman forwards R.J. Barrett and Zion Williamson, both averaging over 20 points per game, are set to face the supremely talented Cavaliers’ big three junior guards Kyle Guy and Ty Jerome and redshirt sophomore forward De’Andre Hunter. Tip-off is set for 6 p.m. from Cameron Indoor.

FAHLBERG: Don’t let Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Nordic Socialism’ fool you

(01/18/19 3:15am)

Ever since her defeat of former Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) last June, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the youngest congresswoman to take office in American history — has made it her goal to normalize the term “democratic socialism” within American political debate. Her platform carries a Green New Deal, a Medicare-for-All proposal and a guaranteed job plan for all Americans to be paid for by her proposed 70 percent marginal tax rate, among other tax increase proposals. In defense of these radical ideas, Ocasio-Cortez has consistently referred to Nordic countries as successful democratic socialist models which the U.S. should seek to emulate. But before progressive voters jump on board with Ocasio-Cortez’ socialist utopia, it’s important for them to take a deeper look into what her so-called “democratic socialism” actually entails.

Evaluating the Resident Advisor compensation plan

(01/16/19 3:01am)

While Housing and Residence Life cites Resident Advisors as being integral to “the development of a residence community that fosters personal and academic growth and, in the case of first year and transfer students, eases the adjustment to University life,” some RAs have expressed that the rent-free bedroom and limited meal plan HRL compensates them with is not enough. 

EDITORIAL: End censorship of student media

(01/16/19 4:33am)

Journalists have consistently faced the threat of censorship — a danger that has only become more evident in the last several years. The recent murder of Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of the Saudi Arabian government demonstrates the challenges facing journalists worldwide. While this is a particularly gruesome example, censorship at the university level is pervasive and underlooked. At many universities, student newspapers receive funding from their administrations, which gives those administrators control over the papers’ editorial content. This relationship often conflicts with papers’ responsibility to critically analyze all relevant aspects of their stories — a task that can reveal distasteful aspects of all universities involved. To preserve the historical record created through student journalism and in support of the continued wellbeing of higher education communities, the Virginia General Assembly must prohibit universities’ ability to censor student media. 

In the dark, a neon presence grows: Ambassadors program adds posts, bumps up start times following data review and incident

(01/16/19 1:25am)

In light of a sexual assault that reportedly took place before the start of Ambassador patrol one September evening, a data analysis initiated by the Office of Safety and Emergency Preparedness and feedback from Student Council, the Ambassadors program has recently undergone several changes — but some students argue there is more work to be done.

2019 as foretold by Buzzfeed

(01/18/19 3:09am)

There’s nothing like the thought of new beginnings to set the heart pounding, head spinning and sweat glands pumping! As humans, we are terrified of the unknown. We are comfortable in the well-worn ruts of habit, where we always know which of the showers has the best water pressure, which seat in the lecture hall isn’t over an air conditioning vent and which dining hall has the least-worst dinner selection. But alas, the new year comes whether we like it or not, and along with it comes a new semester, new classes and, of course, New Year’s resolutions!

‘The Recovering’ combines ‘urgency of lived experience’ with the history of addiction

(01/16/19 12:05am)

As titles go, “The Recovering” is a bit of a misnomer. Make no mistake — Leslie Jamison was several years sober at the time of her memoir’s publication in April 2018 — but the work is just as concerned with the author’s fall as it is her rise. Aside from chronicling her own alcoholism, Jamison also brings her analytical, deeply personal eye to other stories of addiction and to the history of addiction itself. Readers looking for the standard dependence-to-recovery timeline might be disoriented, but as Jamison says in “The Recovering,” “Nothing about recovery had been singular … recovery had been about immersion in the lives of others.”

The 1975 switches lanes on their listeners

(01/17/19 1:41am)

The 1975’s most recent album is a discontinuous work of post-modern art which encompasses diatribes alluding to the quirks of Generation Z, desperate pleads to a problematic lover and the crooning vocals reminiscent of countless other feel-good, pop hits. “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” is likely to be lost in the currently overwhelming flow of experimental instrumentation by other artists but prevails as unique in its apparent influence from a wide range of opposing genres. 

SMITH: Who is included in the ‘our’ of Ours to Shape?

(01/17/19 12:39am)

As the University enters its bicentennial year, there’s been both a concerted effort to reflect on the past and signal a new era. This University-wide emphasis on fresh beginnings is reflected in new hires alone. President Jim Ryan took the reigns from former President Teresa Sullivan. Carla Williams replaced Craig Littlepage as athletic director — the first African American woman to hold the position to boot. The University’s football team gained a competitive edge with the replacement of Mike London with Bronco Mendenhall. By appearances alone, the University appeared to be turning a new leaf with a shake-up in recent hiring. These new voices came with their new slogans, #OursToShape and #NewStandard, compounding the sense that the University is evolving. 

Men’s and women’s swim & dive teams sweep Tennessee and Virginia Tech in dual meet action

(01/15/19 1:58am)

Over the weekend, the No. 11 Virginia women and the No. 16 Virginia men swept both Tennessee and Virginia Tech to cap off the last home meet of the season. On Friday, the women defeated No. 5 Tennessee 178-122, while the men beat the No. 11 Volunteers 158-142. On Saturday, the women, for the second day in a row, routed their opponent, Virginia Tech, 171-115, and the men also topped the Hokies, 159-140.

Student Council president reflects on achievements of administration, speaks on future goals

(01/18/19 12:49am)

In an interview with The Cavalier Daily, Alex Cintron, Student Council president and a fourth-year College student, discussed the progress of a number of initiatives that Student Council has been working on during the past several months — including minority student group activism, implementing free menstrual hygiene products at the University and the recently-established student police advisory board. 

I was robbed

(01/15/19 4:12am)

I’ve always considered detective work to be a hobby of mine, albeit one relegated to the boundaries of my TV screen and practiced only from the comfort of my couch. From the age that I could wield a remote, Saturday afternoons hosted hours of diligent study as I watched episode upon episode of “Monk,” “Bones,” “Psych” and “Sherlock,” all of which were integral to my formation into a self-perceived investigative genius.

2019 Tips and Tricks: Resolutions to eat more mindfully in the new year

(01/16/19 12:08am)

New Year’s resolutions — everyone’s favorite way to reinvent their lives and convince themselves that this year they will stop binging those Goldfish at 1 a.m. and go to the gym every day. Whether your New Year’s resolutions last two days or a lifetime, we can all at least tell ourselves it is the effort that counts.