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LAWSON: Expand student healthcare options

(09/05/18 4:41am)

Healthcare has been a source of controversy in the United States for many years. This divisive conversation initially emerged in the late twentieth century under the Clinton administration, but has recently intensified with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, despite the attention the issue has received, affordable and accessible medical care has remained out of reach for many American families.

The First Last First Day of Classes

(09/06/18 11:54pm)

I woke up last Tuesday morning ready for the best day of my life. It was no ordinary Tuesday — it was the First Day of Classes! I was ready for the fresh, the new, the exciting. Today, I would do everything for the first time of the year. I smiled at the ceiling for a while before rolling over to grab my phone and check Facebook. That’s when my world crumbled around me.

SMITH: A year after the original Unite the Right, the University missteps again

(09/05/18 4:41am)

Prior to the anniversary of Aug. 11 and 12, the University and Charlottesville community justifiably had several concerns and questions. Would the neo-Nazis return in force? How would the state, local and University police forces perform after failing to protect the community a year prior? What would the student activist groups, such as U.Va. Student United, organize to combat white supremacy in Charlottesville? All of these inquiries arose in anticipation of Unite the Right’s possible re-emergence.

BEASEY: The State of the Hoonion

(09/06/18 3:13am)

With the recent addition of Holly Springs, N.C. forward Kadin Shedrick, recruitment for Virginia men’s basketball’s 2019 class has ended for the fall. Assuming there are no losses due to injuries or the draft, the Cavaliers have filled every scholarship in their roster, making this an excellent point to look over the recruiting turnaround that has occurred so far this year.

A summer spent with Civil War soldiers

(09/04/18 3:17am)

Every day for eight weeks I entered the Virginia Museum of History and Culture through a hidden side door. I weaved through a dim hallway past unused furniture and exposed pipes until I reached the elevator. My floor was 2, but only in the abstract, because my office had no windows. Each day I was greeted by the drab accoutrements of office life — sticky notes, paper clips, a gray Formica desk, the Windows start-up sound.

Charlottesville working to develop housing strategy amid need for 4,000 affordable rental units

(09/05/18 4:21am)

Members of the Charlottesville City Council and the City’s Housing Advisory Committee began the process of drafting a comprehensive affordable housing strategy for the City at a joint work session between the two bodies last Thursday. Topics of discussion included defining the parameters of community engagement for the plan and potential themes for its creation. 

Virginia House Democrats propose a redistricting map to address racially-biased map

(09/04/18 3:13am)

The Virginia General Assembly convened for a special session Aug. 30 to consider a House Democratic proposal to redraw 29 Virginia House districts. The proposal comes after the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled in June that the state used race in determining state legislative districts, a violation of the Voting Rights Act. 

Brasserie Saison serves quality many ways

(09/04/18 3:25am)

In the European restaurant world, the local brasseries of small towns and sprawling cities alike are known for good food, lively and casual atmospheres, plenty of drinks and a connection to the community. Brasseries can be a good place to see familiar faces or to try something new, but always feel representative of their neighborhood through the food and atmosphere. At Brasserie Saison, Charlottesville’s own European fusion brasserie, these traditions are followed truly, but with an upscale twist that elevates the cooking and modernizes the feel.

Beauvais & McLean: Carbon neutrality by 2035 — Can U.Va. afford not to?

(09/05/18 4:42am)

As a new school year begins and University President Jim Ryan takes his position at the helm, the University finds itself at an especially important intersection. The University has everything it needs to take a leadership role in tackling the greatest global threat of our time — climate change. From the operational know-how, to the enthusiasm and talent of students, to the deep bench of research and expertise among faculty, the University has incredible potential in advancing sustainability. Now is the perfect time to set a bold, yet achievable vision to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. 

Miller Center to appoint former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte to yearlong professorship

(09/04/18 12:42pm)

Former diplomat and political appointee John Negroponte will be appointed to a yearlong endowed professorship in the Miller Center for Public Affairs. Negroponte is a former U.S. ambassador and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, and he served as the nation’s first Director of National Intelligence. The appointment is expected to be formally announced by the Center Tuesday. 

Honor Committee debates proposed changes to contributory mental disorder process

(09/04/18 2:48am)

The Honor Committee held its first meeting of the school year Sunday evening in Newcomb Hall in which members debated previously proposed changes to the contributory mental disorder process, including changing the name of the process, the removal of a student’s right to appeal a CMD decision and creating more explicit timelines for CMD requirements to be met. 

BHARADWAJ: Companies should be held accountable for conflict minerals

(09/05/18 4:41am)

Across the nation, a number of tech companies have taken bold stances in support of diversity and inclusion, with some even contractually pledging to make efforts towards social justice initiatives. I find it hypocritical that corporations are making these shallow promises, while simultaneously propping up institutions of modern slavery through their global business practices. Information about these injustices must be spread, and companies should be held accountable for their double standard.  

Football rolls past Richmond in opening game of the season

(09/02/18 5:26pm)

Saturday night, fans at a packed Scott Stadium were eager to see how Virginia Football’s “New Standard” would make the Cavaliers a different team from the one that suffered a humbling 49-7 loss to the Naval Academy at the end of last season. Virginia’s (1-0) dominating 42-13 win over Richmond (0-1) — who beat the Cavaliers two years ago in Coach Bronco Mendenhall’s first game with the program — certainly had fans leaving the game with more positivity and excitement than they had after the Military Bowl defeat.