Aly Lee


This is not us?

My own story as a minority at U.Va. and how the events of Aug. 11-12 affected all that. 


You’ve probably heard that out of all the fears, the fear of rejection is chief among them.

Crossing the last threshold of adulthood

I lived a pretty sheltered life my first year. Unlimited dining plan, air-conditioning in my room (all hail New Dorms), lots of upperclassmen to baby me and most importantly — no cars. 

Three lessons from first year

As this is my last column of the year, it seems inevitable to write a cliché “What I’ve Learned from First Year” column.

Unwinding in a balmy 105 degrees

When they say “hot” yoga, they really mean “hot.” The studio was jacked up to a balmy 105 degrees and in our naiveté, our crew showed up in full length leggings.