Aly Lee


Dear Chloe Kim

I know you’re probably busy winning gold medals and stuff but just wanted to send you a quick “hello.” 

Confessions of an INFJ

We are a generation fiercely dedicated to the notion that we are unique. So why do we cling to the Myers-Brigg where our personality is reduced to a category?  

Embracing food from dino nuggets to kimchi

When I came home from the University for Thanksgiving, I kicked my shoes off at the door, hugged my mom and dad and ran to the kitchen longing to smell the pungent stench of my mom’s kimchi stew.

This is not us?

My own story as a minority at U.Va. and how the events of Aug. 11-12 affected all that. 


You’ve probably heard that out of all the fears, the fear of rejection is chief among them.