Brielle Entzminger


Tour guide for a weekend

Many activities lack the thrill I once felt as a first-year, but next semester does not have to be routine. 

Learning from Ida B. Wells' example

I realized that I had not learned enough about black history before college, so I was very happy to discover that three of my courses this semester would be addressing black history.

Family matters

Like every other college student, I planned to get a lot of work done over Thanksgiving break. I had a test the Monday after break ended and a project due that Friday.

Expect the unexpected

I'm a planner. I like to write out my weekly schedule on a sticky note on my MacBook — my version of an agenda.

Playing pretend

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a child. I loved going to Party City to pick out a costume and putting up Halloween decorations around my house and in my yard.

When you try your best

Réussir. This is one of my favorite words in French. Though it has several translations, it usually means “to succeed at doing something.” But what exactly is success?