Jack Wilkins


WILKINS: End cash bail

In the midst of a criminal justice system imbued with racial and economic inequalities, our deeply flawed cash bail system must go. 

My visit from the Muse of Life Columns

After my fruitless struggle, I realized that we don’t always need the epic and the sexy and the column-worthy. The quieter moments are more than enough. 

Quiet heroes

When I imagined what college would be like, part of me believed each new day would bring some flashy, life-changing revelation.

Humor me this

I love making jokes. Humor is an invaluable tool in life, helping to melt away suspicions, forge new friendships and inject otherwise arid conversations with brilliant flashes of energy.

Eating with strangers: a memoir

Before I left for college, I received my fill of well-meaning adages. People told me to work hard, play hard; stay up on schoolwork; prepare for the underwhelming dining hall food.