John Connolly


CONNOLLY: Say no to drugs — and cartels

Americans support and enable the existence of drug cartels by constituting the largest consumption market for illegal drugs on the planet. The consequences of such American demand are clear and stark. Since 2006, over 100,000 have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico, including over 1,000 children.

CONNOLLY: Seeds of conservative hope

Did CPAC actually provide answers to any of these questions? No, not remotely. But it does provide a useful lens into what looks to be an extremely entertaining primary season. More than that, perhaps the most important function of CPAC is to determine whether Republicans can achieve some measure of cohesion as they look to pick their nominee.

CONNOLLY: The firm morality of a multi-sanction system

Can honor be preserved at this University without the single sanction? Unequivocally, yes. Some will argue the single sanction is what distinguishes our honor from that of other schools and places. But they are mostly wrong. 

CONNOLLY: Politics with the Pope

The first problem is obvious: Pope Francis is not — nor is any pope — a tool to be utilized for the electoral whims of an American political party. When commentators such as Amy Davidson view Pope Francis merely as a political roadblock for Republicans, due to his public ministry, they forget that Pope Francis stands, first and foremost, as the leader of the Catholic Church.

​CONNOLLY: Truthiness and dishonestiness

Truthiness, as I pointed out above, involves a policy marked by a conspicuous lack of statistics or evidence. Its unfortunate cousin is the yet-unnamed manipulation or fabrication of statistics to achieve a political goal.

CONNOLLY: The case for TFA

It seems that TFA is a valuable tool for recruiting some of America’s most talented college students and encouraging them to work in incredibly important professions.

CONNOLLY: Hold your horses

Too often, Democrats put forth a proposal (raising the federal minimum wage, for instance), and Republicans oppose the proposal but fail to articulate a policy alternative.

CONNOLLY: Life on the brink

I would argue that the lack of diversity on The Cavalier Daily Life section staff impedes its efforts to present a full range of student life experiences to its readership.

CONNOLLY: Missing the mark

To suggest that intolerance of hate speech is socially liberal (and thereby, is hate speech itself a product of social conservatism?) is an unfair classification.

CONNOLLY: Come Rand soon

If nothing else, Rand Paul brings a breath of fresh air to a Republican Party that desperately needs it.