Laura Holshouser


Road tripping

Last week I embarked on a grand adventure to the land where dreams become reality — no, not the Corner following midterms — Walt Disney World.

Ups and downs — but mostly ups

While college is full of ups and downs, our community has experienced the worst down — eternal goodbye — far too often this past year.

Shopping for women

Several weeks ago, I wrote a column musing about how to shop for men after a botched attempt to please my housemate with a bacon bowl.

A 21st birthday celebration

Forget D-Day. Forget July fourth. Forget Valentine’s Day. The most epic day in history comes upon us in t-minus 10 days. Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls: my 21st birthday is nearly here.

Redefining 'Sexy'

A few weeks ago, I was once more meandering through the depths of Buzzfeed when I happened upon a quiz entitled “What’s the Sexiest Thing About You?” Given that Victoria’s Secret sponsored this quiz, I had my hesitations about clicking the thumbnail link.I am nowhere remotely close to a Victoria’s Secret model.

Shopping for men

It is 10:11 p.m. and I am running. The sun set hours ago and my eyes are already beginning to droop from exhaustion, yet I move as quickly as my feet will take me.

The making of a first year

What makes you a first-year is how you’re connected with 10,000 other young adults who, if not in the same boat, are at least in the same naval fleet.