Thomas Ferguson


FERGUSON: Eliminate safe spaces at U.Va.

Such spaces are antithetical to the purpose of attending college, and their presence does a disservice to students by encouraging them to retreat from confrontation instead of embracing it.

FERGUSON: The implicit bias module is flawed

Not only are there inherent flaws to the test that make it ineffective at describing bias, but addressing prejudice by focusing resources and discussion on a person’s alleged implicit bias does not even have a significant implications for explicit behaviors.

FERGUSON: Keep marijuana illegal in Virginia

It is true that the health costs from alcohol and tobacco use pose a burden to our society. Given that, why would we then legalize yet another substance that will pose even more drug-related costs?

FERGUSON: City Council has failed Charlottesville

The Charlottesville City Council has consistently shown both poor judgement and a lack of foresight when responding to the recent white supremacist and white nationalist activity that has taken place in Charlottesville over the past several months.