University Board of Elections announces results

Axler wins Student Council president, all three referenda pass

The University Board of Elections released the spring 2015 student election results at 5:30 p.m. Friday. A total of 7,017 students cast votes in the election, constituting 30.8 percent of the student body.

Second-year College student Abraham Axler was elected Student Council president. Axler received 2,654 votes, beating third-year College student Locher Grove, who received 2,150 votes.

Third-year Batten student Daria Winsky was elected Student Council vice president for administration in an uncontested race. Second-year College student Emily Lodge won Student Council vice president for organizations with 2,635 votes, beating out second-year College student Adrien Carré with 1,690.

Students elected first-year College students Malcolm Stewart and Pak-Hin Luu as the new Second Year Council president and vice president, respectively. Third Year Council president and vice president went to second-year College student Lital Firestone and second-year Engineering student Patrick Rice, while Fourth Year Council president and vice president went to third-year College student Andrew Kwon and third-year Batten student Donald Fryar, respectively.

All three Honor referenda passed, with 84.26 percent of students voting in favor of the first honor self-governance clause, which requires the Committee to convene a popular assembly every two years. The second referendum, which will hold the Committee accountable to non-binding resolutions on questions of student body opinion, passed with 64.95 percent of students voting in favor. The third referendum passed by a margin of 1.19 percent (51.19 percent voting in favor), which means the Honor Committee is now bound to consider a multi-sanction system during elections next year.

Third-year students Grace Muth, Caroline Herre, Emily Snow, Martese Johnson and Russell Bogue were as elected as the Honor Committee’s College representatives, while third-year students Faith Lyons and Avery Rasmussen were elected to represent the Commerce School. A full list of the results, including all Honor Committee, University Judiciary Committee and Student Council representatives — as well as voting percentages — can be found here.

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