Anti-Muslim comment defaces Brown College

Another act of vandalism brings light to racist presence on grounds


Brown College

Marshall Bronfin | Cavalier Daily

Sometime between the mid to late hours of Oct. 30, an anti-Muslim remark was written along the walls of Brown College near a suite where two Muslim students were residing.

The remark, appeared to be written in lead pencil, comprised of the word “terrorist” with an arrow drawn to point towards the rooms of the students.

University Dean of Students Allen Groves sent out an email to the student body that informing students of and condemning the comments written the day before.

“It is our belief this graffiti was placed at this specific location to target and intimidate the residents who live in this room,” Groves said in the email. “As a community, we categorically reject and condemn this type of hateful message.”

This latest act of vandalism has come just over a week after anti-Semitic graffiti was posted on the side of the GrandMarc apartment complex off of 15th street.

In that instance, the German word for Jews — “Juden” — was sprayed painted in orange paint next to one of the entrances to the complex. The graffitti was also accompanied by an orange Star of David painted above.

That incident cited the same response from the University in the form of Groves once again acknowledging and condemning the slurs.

Prior to that incident, the N-word and other racial slurs were drawn or written on doors in the Kent-Dabney Dorm Association.

“Confronting and condemning acts of bias isn't ‘political correctness’ or inconsistent with our cherished Constitutional ideal of freedom of expression,” Groves said in an email statement on Sept. 28, after the Kent-Dabney incident but prior to the anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim graffiti. “We can and should be a place where even the most controversial issues of the day may be debated with intellectual vigor and passion, and no offense should be taken as a result.”

An investigation is currently ongoing into the events that occurred at Brown College, according to Groves’ email.

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