Top 10 U.Va. student instagram posts

Do you even go to U.Va.?

1. The Rotunda

Obviously, right? It’s the focal point of the University. Now that the repairs are done, it’s time to bust it out as the background for your best “omg I love U.Va.!” pic. Post it every once in awhile as a gentle reminder to your high school enemies that you go to the best school in Virginia, and it’s the best decision you’ve ever made. Bonus points if you use the orange and blue diamond emojis.

June ☀️

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2. Scott Stadium

Just because we’re awful at football doesn’t mean you can’t get an Instagram-worthy picture! Going to football games is a big part of being a U.Va. student, and everyone is dressed up, so take advantage of getting a great picture. You must include the endzone in your photo.

Give a yell for dear old UVA

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3. That hot guy / girl you met at Trin

How else are people going to know that you work hard, play hard? The hottie across the bar is the perfect co-star for your weekly going-out post. Just make sure to wipe the lipstick off both your faces from your drunken makeout in the bathroom beforehand. Make sure this hookup is better-looking than your ex.

always love when you come to visit

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4. You and the statue of TJ

Maybe a stranger in the bar is a bit too much for you, but you still want a little action for your insta. Thomas Jefferson’s statue to the rescue! How to: precariously scramble up the statue that’s much taller than you remember, and take a seat on TJ’s lap. Give him a little kiss on the cheek.

love u TJ ❤️

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5. The Lawn

The Lawn is the ideal place for picnics, hanging out and relaxing. There is beautiful architecture all around you, so there’s really no bad angle for your picture. Make sure to show off whatever cool activity you’re “casually” up to and even go so far as to make the photo seem candid. Bonus points if you have a dog with you.

Hoo else is soaking up the sun on the Lawn today?

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6. Your Bodo’s order

Instagramming your food is a little cliché by now, but can you really resist posting a picture of a Bodo’s bagel? The freshly baked bagel … the egg … the cheese … I digress. Share its beauty and deliciousness with the world. Ultimate goal: number one ticket.

7. Lighting of the Lawn

LOTL is one of the biggest University traditions. Everyone must know that you went and had a great time and were super festive. Besides, who doesn’t love light shows and beer?

UVA lighting of the lawn 2015

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8. The Harry Potter Room

This photo is crucial in convincing people that you are the most studious student of all students. A photo in the Harry Potter room makes it seem like you spend your weekends sipping champagne in a hot tub surrounded by cash and a 4.0 GPA. You are the epitome of class, so flaunt it.

Enjoying the McGregor Room (aka the "Harry Potter Room") at #UVA

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9. The latest darty you went to

If you don’t ‘gram the darty, did you really even go? The answer is no. Social etiquette of University Greek life states: If one attends a darty, one must post a picture on social media by the next week or face horrible consequences. So it’s best to be safe and not break darty rules.

10. Random columns

In case you didn’t know, you’re required to post a photo of yourself in front of some columns when you make your deposit to the University. Here’s the general how-to: Find some columns, preferably with no one else around. Now you have a choice of two poses. You can either lean back against the column with your arms crossed, or you can stand beside the column and put your cheek and hand against it. Then Instagram it. Caption: “I have worn the honor of honors.” 

My school is pretty cool

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