U.Va. administration condemns racist slurs directed towards Latinx students and community members

A University-wide email was sent out by the Office of the Dean of Students Thursday evening

The Latinx Student Alliance's public letter was defaced by racist slurs Thursday, the email said. Courtesy Hispanic/Latinx Students at the University of Virginia

In a University-wide email sent Thursday evening, the University administration condemned racial slurs and hate speech directed towards Latinx and other minority students on Grounds during the day Thursday. 

The email, sent by Dean of Students Allen Groves, Gloria Graham, the associate vice president for safety and security, and Catherine Spear, the associate vice president for equal opportunity and civil rights, strongly denounced the “racist, biased, and hateful language,” which was added onto an open letter calling for inclusion and support of Latinx and minority students on Grounds. The letter had been circulating through the University community for a few days prior to the incident and garnered over 450 individual signatures by Monday evening. 

“We strongly reject and unreservedly condemn the language used by this person or persons in response to the open letter posted by our Latinx students,” the email reads. 

In addition to the edited letter, a message “containing racist and violent messaging” was sent Thursday directly to the Latinx students who drafted the open letter. 

University police are investigating the incident, with students being encouraged by administration to provide tips if they are aware of any relevant information. 

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