Top 10 ways to take advantage of online classes

COVID-19 has made end-of-semester plans less than ideal. Here’s how to make the best of it.


Due to online classes, you can now unite again with your pets. 

Fiona Delzell | Cavalier Daily

1. Rock your pajamas 

Both pre-recorded lectures and real-time virtual classes have the same advantage — the ability to wear pajamas and loungewear. There is a lot more pressure to dress up when you are actually leaving the house, but when you are at most showing your face to your webcam, you are free to dress comfortably. And if you don’t have to show your face at all, that’s even better. 

2. Wake up five minutes before class

This is probably the best part about telecommuting. With online classes, we don’t have to walk or drive to a physical location. Set an alarm for five minutes before you have to login to Zoom and enjoy some extra time to sleep. 

3. Never leave your bed

Many of us can agree that getting out of bed is the hardest part of going to classes. Now all you have to do to get to your class is open your laptop and get online. Take advantage of this by setting up everything you need on a nightstand or the floor next to your bed so you can wake up five minutes before you have to log on. You can also enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in life — drinking a nice cup of coffee in bed. 

4. Bond with your pets

After my family’s dog passed away one week after I left for the spring semester, I realized how much I treasured the last few moments during winter break that I spent with him. Our pets truly are a part of the family and deserve attention when we come home. Whether that be taking your dog on a walk or chilling with your cat while you work on assignments, make time for the pets you rarely get to see. 

5. Try new things

Being stuck at home without your usual activities to keep you busy can get boring. If you find yourself being quarantined in your home, try new activities to keep things interesting. Whether that be cooking a new dish or learning how to do TikTok dances, doing things other than school work and watching Netflix reduces the feeling of confinement and restlessness. 

6. Kon-Mari your room

We have all seen the countless TV shows and Youtube videos about the magic of decluttering what you own. Since your own bedroom will replace your favorite study spots, having a cluttered area will only distract you and induce stress. In between virtual meetings, pick up your work area and organize your items. If you are like me and had to move half of your dorm back home with you, take this time to go through all the items you have and see if they truly spark joy. 

7. Enjoy home-cooked meals

While most of us are worried about how our dining plans will be sorted out, we are secretly happy that we can enjoy home-cooked meals. Load up on all the food you have found yourself missing. You can even eat while watching lectures and participating in your classes. The ability to mute your microphone and not have to worry about distracting others makes eating what you want when you want so much easier. 

8. Read for pleasure

Being in college has made me miss the days where I can leisurely read books without having to worry about writing a paper about them or mark quotes to bring up in class discussion. No matter what your interests are, you would be surprised how fun it is to read when you are not forced to do so. In between Zoom sessions or during your new-found free time, pick up a book you have been meaning to read or reread a childhood favorite. You’ll find that reading just for the fun of it can help reset your brain after countless hours of working on assignments. 

9. Sleep

It is that point in the semester where most of us are sleep deprived. Now that your travel time between classes is nonexistent, you can get the most amount of shut-eye in between classes. You can also sleep in longer since your morning routine and walk to Grounds are no longer needed. Let your body rest during this highly stressful time to keep your health — physical and mental — in check. 

10. Meme it out

Laughter is the best medicine, right? When opening my TikTok “For You” page, almost every video is from fellow college students who are joking about this new predicament. Not only can joking help you cope with the situation, but you can also earn some temporary clout by posting about it on social media. Having to cram the entire college experience online is definitely not a great way to end the semester, but sharing in the humor of the situation can help bring us together and cope with this situation. 

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