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A look at the best Instagram-worthy spots in Charlottesville

It’s time to fill your Instagram feed with Rotunda pictures again

<p>If you’re looking for a fun backdrop to introduce your favorite outfit to Instagram, IX Art Park is your place.</p>

If you’re looking for a fun backdrop to introduce your favorite outfit to Instagram, IX Art Park is your place.

From the charming, small-town feel to the gorgeous mountain skyline, Charlottesville is full of amazing backdrops for pictures with friends. Populating your feed with pictures at certain well-known locations is practically a rite of passage for incoming first-years. In honor of returning to Grounds, here are the most Instagram-worthy spots in Charlottesville.

Humpback Rock

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville is loved by casual and experienced hikers alike. Though a more challenging hike than some other paths in the area, the effort is worth the reward. There is no better place to catch a sunset than Humpback Rock, where pink skies blend into the arching blue ridgeline. Gather your friends, pull on your hiking shoes and pack your camera because cresting Humpback is a crucial part of the University experience.

Historic Downtown

Just a short walk from the Corner, cute shops and restaurants line both sides of the Downtown Mall. No matter how many times you visit, you will always find something new. Be sure to snap a few pictures against the exposed brick exteriors and vintage storefronts. Stop by Chaps Ice Cream for a delicious waffle cone or milkshake and get a picture in the '50s-style diner for your feed. As the creative center of Charlottesville, the Downtown Mall is a must for incoming first-years and returning students alike.

Your Favorite Brunch Spot

Ask any University student, and they will readily tell you all about their favorite place for weekend brunch. Whether you’re loyal to Farm Bell Kitchen or The Virginian, there is nothing better than dragging your roommates out of bed to walk to the Corner and grab a few sleepy pictures over brunch. Your Instagram feed isn’t complete without a crew of smiling faces over delicious French toast and coffee.

Carter Mountain Orchard

Well-loved by both local families and students, an evening at Carter Mountain is more than worth the drive. The photo opportunities are endless. Whether you’re apple picking, watching the sunset or picnicking with friends, you will want to have a camera at the ready. Take a blanket, stretch out in the grass and enjoy the late summer weather. Students love the Thursday Evening Sunset Series, where you can enjoy live music and food trucks while the sun goes down over picturesque Charlottesville.

IX Art Park

IX Art Park was originally established as a public creative space in Charlottesville for residents and visitors. If you’re looking for a fun backdrop to introduce your favorite outfit to Instagram, the park is your place. Be sure to check out their weekly Saturday morning farmers market while you’re there to pick up your fruits and vegetables.

The Rotunda

It was your first picture in Charlottesville when your parents made you pose in front of it on your tour. In four short years, you will be standing in that same spot again, this time in a cap and gown. Plus one million pictures in between.

University students love their Rotunda pictures, affectionately dubbed “Tundy pics.” If the Rotunda only appears once on your feed by the time you graduate, you’ll have more self control than 99 percent of students. Stop by the Lawn for fun pictures with Jefferson’s great architectural feat — modeled after the Roman Pantheon — in the fall, in the snow, at the Lighting of the Lawn, when the flowers bloom and especially when you need an extra pick-me-up.