Emily Couric Cancer Center celebrates fifth anniversary

Emily Couric 癌症中心纪念成立五周年

Center offers clinical trial programs, positive image boutique


The Emily Couric Cancer Center celebrated its fifth anniversary April 4 with a gathering of staff

and patients.

Emily Couric癌症中心在四月四号集结员工和患者一起纪念成立五周年。

Organizers said the facility “combines leading-edge technology with a warm, healing

environment” designed with patients’ convenience in mind.


Associate Director of the center Reid Adams said the building brings together all the services

patients need under one roof.

癌症中心副主任Reid Adams说这栋楼集合了患者需要的所有服务。

“This building is the reason for celebrating is because it's a fairly unique resource in the

Commonwealth where it really pulls together the care that patients need in a single site,” Adams


“这栋楼是我们庆祝的原因, 因为它是一个特殊的资源,它在一个场地提供了患者需要的所有关


Adams said the centralized planning of the center makes it a valuable space for patients and



Before the building was built, patients may have had to go to multiple sites within the hospital

system to get the care they need, Adams said. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, for

example, could have been at different locations.



“That's all now coordinated here in this building so that the patients can get their care in [one]

friendly, healing environment,” Adams said.


The celebration was held outside Flourish, the cancer center’s positive image boutique. Flourish

offers wigs, head scarves and other items to assist patients as they go through cancer




Boutique coordinator Latisha Barnes said the boutique was created with donations to the center,

after the committee researched and proposed that there be a space for women to shop for wigs

and scarves in a welcoming, positive environment.

商店协调人员Latisha Barnes说在委员会研究之后,提议建立为女性提供一个款待的正面的环境


“We like to think it's like an oasis for them. [The boutique] isn't so sterile like being in a treatment

room,” Barnes said. “We like to to give off a lot of positive vibes and positive energy, so

hopefully when they step in the doors they just get an uplift and can feel our spirits wanting to

help them feel better.”



After five years of operating, the center has plans to grow and develop new treatments and

spaces for the community of the Emily Couric Cancer Center.


Adams said people come from around the United States to receive the unique forms of

treatment the center offers in the form of clinical trial programs, which have doubled since the

opening of the center.



“What that means is the fourth floor that was built out in anticipation of growth when the building

was finished five years ago is now [at] the point where we’re beginning planning for that

because we've grown enough to need to expand into some additional space,” Adams said.



Barnes said she thinks the future of the center is bright.

“I love it here today just as much as the day I started here,” Barnes said. “It's all about the

people and getting with them and getting them back to a better version of their old selves.”




Translated by Maini Ke

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