All tied up: the ultimate guide to wearing ties

Truth be told, it is never the wrong time to wear ties. Ties are appropriate in all seasons, and in almost any kind of weather. Bowties have become a fashion staple for both hipsters and those men who want to be classy, yet memorable. Neckties, too, are great for formal and semi-formal occasions.

Both fashions give one’s wardrobe an unprecedented amount of versatility — and if you don’t own any ties, you are truly missing out on something special. I have no idea how you can live day-to-day without being well-dressed. I feel bad for you.

Every man needs a variety of ties in his wardrobe. A few solid colors of each type, and then maybe some polka dots and stripes here and there for good measure. But take caution when dealing with heavily patterned ties — these can actually detract from your polished appearance. Beware of themed ties as well (“Spongebob,” “Space Jam,” etc.). Any ties with a readily accessible pop culture motif will make you look childish and — quite honestly — unappealing. It’s the truth. If you walk into an interview wearing a necktie adorned with “The Simpsons” characters, you do not deserve the job. You should re-evaluate your choices.

To all the lovely ladies reading this, it is completely acceptable for you to wear neckties and bowties, too. Don’t let those male chauvinists tell you otherwise. Ties are a classy look for both guys and gals — especially those prolific skinny neckties. A sleek, black, skinny necktie can make all the difference in a preppy female’s wardrobe, but note the same rules apply.

Guys and girls alike should remember ties are accessories, and as such, they do not have to match your outfit perfectly. Spice things up with an unconventional pairing of color, style, fabric and knot. This will take your wardrobe to the next level and make wearing a tie much more fun.

That being said, ties do not have to be expensive silk. If you are just getting started with these must-have accessories, try a local thrift store or Amazon. Start small and work your way up to designer ties. Remember these tips and — trust me — you’ll thank me later.

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