Foxfield Races Edition

Dear friends, we have come upon one of the most exciting times of the academic year: the end. With fourth-years preparing to graduate, first-years worrying about finals, and everyone else working on their beach bodies, I am pleased to remind you that one of the most persistent University traditions is now upon us: the Foxfield Races. Colloquially known as “Foxfield,” this tradition proves to be quite the spectacle every year, which is why you need to look good for it.

Dressing up for Foxfield is like putting on your best white dress for Sunday morning church. You don’t need to dress well to walk around and party with your friends — while avoiding watching any actual races — but you need to dress well so everyone pays attention to you. That’s right, friends. This Saturday, it is perfectly acceptable to strive to be the center of attention within your social circle. Here’s how to do it.

What you need is, the “Color Pop” — a process which involves taking a nice outfit and adding a small subtle splash of color that offsets everything else.

Gents, wearing a green button down and an orange bowtie will get all the ladies talking. And ladies, now is the time to bring out that statement necklace to complement your favorite sundress.

Color Pops are a great way to help you accessorize and make the most out the typical U.Va. Foxfield style. Don’t just wear Chubbies shorts, gentlemen; that is simply not enough! You can do better.

If you’re going to wear Chubbies, then wear a pair of socks that offset the color of the shorts. Bright purples and greens will work well in most situations. Ladies, don’t forget that you have the advantage here. You all have a vast array of accessory choices compared to men. Try something new on yourself, like a hair bow, or some pearls, or maybe even a hat. The smallest Color Pop has the potential to make all the boys turn their heads.

This weekend is about being a spectacle. So go forth and be a bawdy, exaggerated spectacle. Take some risks with your clothes.

If you need any help this Saturday, I’ll be walking around helping people fix their fashion faux pas, so come find me. As my grandmother used to say, “If you look like a million bucks, you’ll feel like two million.”

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