How do I look? The other age old question

“How do I look?”

Women and men of all kinds are known for asking this timeless question as they prepare to venture out into the world. It is an important question to ask, but why? Why do we need that second pair of eyes to critique what we’re wearing?

My answer: second opinions are crucial. No one wants to step outside with wild, messy hair, a crooked bowtie, or an unlaced Duck boot flailing to-and-fro. Without the help of that all-knowing best friend, we would all look ridiculous, with toilet paper stuck to our shoes and lipstick on our chins. It’s no different with clothing.

This holds true for realms of life other than fashion. Who wouldn’t want a friend to revise an essay for class? And what on earth would my column look like if not for a team of lovely editors to polish it before publication? Long story short, pretty much everything we do needs a second opinion.

With that said, ladies, don’t be afraid to ask if that dress makes you look fat. So what if it does? By saying yes, your friend is actually saving you from an evening of embarrassment. And you, gentlemen, don’t be afraid to get help tying that bowtie.

Whether you are waking up late and running to class, or dressing up for a night on the town, it’s important to make sure your fashion choices are error-free — you do not want me to spot you looking less than top-notch. Even if you don’t have a friend around to give you a second opinion, it is crucial that you use a mirror. In the fashion world, mirrors are your best friend. Use them. Love them.

Mirrors are the only thing that can save you from that hideous combing job or skipped belt loop. When you’re getting ready, just spend a few extra moments examining what you are wearing and how you’re wearing it, and I guarantee you will feel more confident about your entire appearance. Confidence is everything, people! So, never be afraid to ask “How do I look?” before going out, because even the most brutally honest answer will make a world of difference.

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