My Struggle with Socks

Since the age of 12, I’ve struggled with the idea of wearing socks. I always hated those little pillowcases on my beautiful brown feet. I wanted my “little piggies” to be free, to not suffer and suffocate under a pair cotton prisons.

Wearing socks was such an ordeal. I had to find two matching ones. I had to make sure they were the appropriate length for the kind of shoe I was wearing (God forbid I wear knee-high socks with a pair of Vans sneakers).

It seemed tragic when I would see boys being ridiculed for wearing white socks with black dress shoes. Whoever made that a rule? There’s nothing inherently silly about that fashion choice.

In response to all this, in the eighth grade, I chose to stop wearing them. Much to my mother’s dismay, I found a new sense of freedom in not wearing these restrictive garments. It made every step I took feel somehow more connected with the earth. Not wearing socks was a rather sublime experience for me.

Come high school, though, I slowly began to realize that socks were my friends.

I had been ignorant of their mystique, beauty and liveliness. Wearing socks could propel my wardrobe into the stratosphere! With so many different kinds to choose from — argyle, striped, polka dotted, plaid — I couldn’t stop myself from experimenting with style and fabrics.

Many men may feel as though thinking about their wardrobe’s sock component is too time consuming. But socks can be a way to spice up your clothes. If you’re required to wear a boring suit to work every day, try using socks as a way to make your coworkers do a double-take as you walk into the office. If you’re a student who enjoys wearing sweats and shorts every day, try some patterned sweat socks and you’ll start getting all the right attention.

Socks are the kind of accessory which can be used in any occasion. They can make formal occasions more fun, take the boring out of business-casual and put the style into your gross, baggy gym attire. They are not as striking as neckties, nor as subtle as wristwatches or belts.

Socks provide the appropriate amount of attention to your wardrobe without becoming overly distracting. With that said, invest in some socks. Give your feet a treat!

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