Celebrity Spotlight: Fergie Duhamel

Today begins a brand new segment of the fashion advice I typically dish out, with the first ever Celebrity Spotlight — a new feature in which I select a celebrity and effectively (I hope) expose all of that person’s fashion faux pas and success.

For the first celebrity in this new segment, I'll look at none other than the “Dutchess” herself: Fergie Duhamel.

Fergie has been a fashion icon for more than a decade. Her work with the Black Eyed Peas has made “Fergie Ferg” a household name, and her solo music career has brought her tremendous chart success. Let’s be honest, anyone born in the 90s probably knows all the words to “London Bridge.” We millennials grew up looking at Fergie, the pop princess who taught us how to spell words like “tasty,” “delicious” and “Glamorous.”

Besides being a fabulous speller, the not-so “elusive chanteuse” was always a fashion visionary. I still reminisce about her “Boom Boom Pow” phase during which she sported black hair and a flawless set of claws which gave Wolverine a run for his money. Who else remembers when she annihilated the runway during her performance at the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? And let us never forget her impeccable style and spray tan at the 2005 VMAs.

It seems, however, that all that progress was for naught. After a couple of years under wraps, Fergie recently decided to restart her music career with the subpar single, “L.A. Love (La La)”. One might ask, how can someone who has been a consistent fashion force since the early 2000s destroy their entire image with one music video? But this video — a sad, sad attempt at reclaiming a pop music throne — does just that.

The video features Fergie, alongside a slew of random celebrities, riding around on a creepy party bus, traveling to different cities and partying — definitely an ode to “I Gotta Feeling.” The whole concept never really comes together, though. Fergie looks out of place, and quite frankly, downright silly. She’ll be 40 years old in March and just had a baby; the idea of her riding around on a party bus with strangers in foreign countries is hard to buy.

At one point in the video, Fergie sports a lame light blue bikini. It’s not the bikini that is the problem though, but rather, the disgustingly cheap- looking tattoos that were put on her body. Whether they were painted on, or computer generated, they make her look ridiculous. A move like this is simply unforgivable. A little bit later, we see Fergie and her background dancers, straight out of 2002, doing an extremely awkward strut down the street, pretending that they can dance. We all know Fergie isn’t a dancer. She may not be the worst, but dancing around in a sports bra and a flannel is just unacceptable, Ferg.

Further, in this heinous music video, we see the leading lady sporting an enormous platinum blonde braid hair piece that is likely worth more than her career right now. When she isn’t dancing in between two white-faced Japanese women or two black girls, Fergie is hanging out with DJ Mustard and showing off her bus’ Beats By Dre speakers.

Overall, the video is a cheesy attempt at being current, while paying homage to hip hop culture. It could have worked if the song was actually good and if Fergie didn’t look like she was ignorantly making use of cultural appropriation tactics (i.e. Katy Perry). Hopefully we’ll get better music and fashion from this fallen popstar in the coming years — I miss the classy, sexy Fergie of “Glamorous.” No one wants to see a trashy almost-40-year-old woman on a party bus, outfitting herself like a 24-year-old Kesha. Until we see an improvement, I suppose the best thing to do is to just keep watching the video for “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

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