Finals Fashion Guide

It’s finals time! As the end of the semester swiftly approaches, students are more concerned than ever with what to wear to make a lasting impression before leaving for break. In these stressful last days, there are many different fashion dilemmas to be navigated.

Some of us are holding out to go home so we can do laundry for free. Others are too tired from studying to coordinate an outfit devoid of sweatpants each day. With the colder weather, we must chose to dress for the temperature outside or for the temperature of the sweltering lecture halls. The dorms are far too warm and the busses always seem to have just the right amount of draft to ruin your ride.

Never fear, readers, I can equip you with the skills necessary to make the best outfits during the most difficult time of the year.

Step One: Always Dress For Your Destination

Despite what your mother tells you, the 5-10 minutes you’ll spend in transit from your residence to class is not worth gaining the reputation of "that bundled blob" with all of your classmates. Also, more garments make you more likely to lose things and they slow you down as you pack up and go from place to place.

Step Two: Accessorize!

In the winter time, accessorizing is crucial to maintaining a top tier fashion presence while remaining comfortable. Don’t let bulky coats and shin-engulfing UGG boots stifle your inner fashionista. Go for a slim, padded-coat and focus on keeping your extremities warm. Invest in some warm gloves. You could even splurge and get the kind that are touch-screen sensitive — perfect for texting!

Always wear a hat; it helps your body retain heat and is the perfect combination of functional and fashionable. Socks are also crucial — you don’t want your little piggies catching frostbite and falling off!

Step Three: Make Use of Your Indoor Surroundings

When you’re pretending to study for finals in the library, make sure to stay away from those hard, wooden tables and chairs in Clemons. Find nooks and crannies with padded seating and cushions. A warm study space is the best study space. It will also help you to become more relaxed and remain focused on your work.

Keep your study wardrobe minimal, as you don’t want to take up too much space. Curl up with your harem pants and a sweater, and you’ll be the biggest distraction to your fellow students who won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you!

Step Four: Note These Special Exceptions

At this crucial point in the academic year, there are a few exceptions that may be made to some of my former rules for fashion success.

  1. It is now acceptable to be seen in public in sleepwear. This must not be abused, however. Going to the library (and ONLY the library) in sleepwear is a privilege and may cause discomfort among your peers if done in any other public setting.
  2. Socks and sandals are now allowed. If you weren’t already aware, wearing socks and sandals has been outlawed by the Fashion Powers-That-Be for a millennium. This exception may be made for those who are rushing to and from exams, and who need the easy access of slip-on sandals without the fear of catching a cold.

Just like staying warm, being comfortable is also important. Contrary to what many believe, dressing well does not necessarily equate to testing well. Don’t stress on what to wear these next few weeks. Be casual. Break the rules. Just try not to take up an entire booth in Clemons with all of your winter clothing.

Now that you have all the survival tips you need for this finals season, you’ll be ready to slay those exams in style, one free-response question at a time.

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